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Benefits of Outdoor Inflatable Advertising

  • Can't miss advertsing

    Can't Miss Advertising

    The majority of your current and future customers pass by your business every single day. Air Ad makes sure these customers don't miss you. People passing by your location can’t help but notice your outdoor display of promotional products. They attract attention!

  • Budget friendly advertising.

    Budget Friendly

    Outdoor inflatable advertising is one of the most efficient ways to spend your advertising budget. Dollar for dollar, your message actually reaches your target audience right when they are positioned to make a purchase. It's all about your Return on Investment!

  • Don't pay per impression!

    High Volume

    Imagine reaching a large number of people every single day without having to worry about cost per impression or cost per view! With inflatable advertising, your message reaches a high number of people without crippling your advertising budget.

  • Generate smiles with custom inflatable advertising!

    Generates Smiles

    As innovative and dynamic as a giant inflatable replica of your product is, nothing can compare to the happy smiles they put on your customers faces. It's excitement for the kid in you!

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