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[Video] Watch how Inflatable Advertising is Changing Marketing One Promotion at a Time

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There’s a marketing stat that states that it takes anywhere between 7 to 13 touches before a potential customer becomes a customer. So most marketers use a combination of tactics to reach their target audience. Written articles, videos, online advertising and direct mail are just a few. The more variety, the better the chance of getting their attention.

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Giant Custom shaped inflatables

7 Ways to Use Custom Shaped Inflatables in your Marketing

By · Inflatable Products

Regardless of whether you want to achieve an increase in sales, a boost in upsells or promote a special offer, you have to get your product or service noticed by your potential customers first. If they don’t know about it, then it doesn’t exist.

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Grand opening advertising balloons

Why Advertising Balloons Will Attract the Attention of 85% of Your Target Market

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How many times have you been driving down the road and witnessed something completely out of the ordinary that you just had to look? That’s the idea with advertising balloons. They take the ordinary business storefronts – restaurants, strip center stores, gas stations and boutiques – and make them POP. And guess what? The majority of your target market drives past your location every single day. An advertising balloon, with your custom message, creates an eye catching spectacle that just can’t be missed.

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advertising budgets should shift to inflatable advertising

7 Reasons Why Advertising Budgets Should Shift to Inflatable Advertising in 2016

By · Advertising Tips

Advertising budgets for 2016 are at a crossroads – From online mediums like social media, email and banner advertising, to offline avenues like direct mail and radio, advertisers are trying to have a presence everywhere to reach every one of their customers.

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Predictions for Physical, On Site Advertising for 2016

7 Predictions for the Future of Physical, On-Site Advertising for 2016

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If I told you I had a crystal ball and could predict what the future holds, what would your first reaction be? ‘Yeah right, keep dreaming’ or maybe ‘I’m all ears’. Back about 15 years ago, there was this influx of ‘predicting’ type articles on the web.

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email marketing

If you Haven’t Joined the Email Marketing Push, You will After Seeing These 19 Stats

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It’s no secret that email marketing is a cornerstone for businesses in both B2B and B2C industries. The nineteen facts below might leave you wondering whether you’ve put enough emphasis on this sales tool in 2015, or convince you to re-evaluate its use within your marketing strategy for 2016.

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