Why Choose Air Ad Promotions for your Inflatable Advertising Needs?

Air Ad Promotions supports local, regional, and nationwide campaigns

Local, Regional or Nationwide

Air Ad Promotions is based in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, but our advertising balloons and advertising flags can be found across the nation. Whether you have a local presence, a regional expansion underway or need promotions for a full nationwide campaign, we can serve your location!

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Air Ad Promotions has in-house manufacturing

Installation service

Installing a 25 ft. advertising balloon is not an easy task. If its not done right, you risk an event interruption that completely derails your months of planning and preparation. At Air Ad Promotions, we know that timeliness is vital to the success of your event. With our expert installers who have years of experience under their belts, your product will attract customers to your business on time, every time.

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Air Ad Promotions has in-house manufacturing

One-stop shop

We are in the business of attracting more business and increasing your visibility. At a time when the focus is more about satisfying, we think it’s time to rise above the noise and aim for the ‘Wow’ factor! One stop is all it takes. And Air Ad Promotions is the one stop. We handle the design, manufacturing and installation of all your inflatable advertising products – including custom inflatables, advertising flags, custom tents, pennant strings, tube dancers and custom banners.

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Re-think your Marketing

Customers are exposed to thousands of marketing messages every day. Get back to the basics and get your message out in front of the people who really matter.

Why add a whole new medium to your marketing strategy? Inflatable advertising takes your existing promotional messages right to the captive audience passing by your location every day. Do more with less of your advertising budget.

Creative marketing is just a phone call away:

(855) MY-AIRAD

Are you a field marketer or marketing leader looking to increase sales at your store locations?

Find out how to attract attention from the 128.3 million people driving by your store everyday.

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