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12 Epic Events Begging for Custom Inflatable Balloons

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Nothing gets you noticed more than a one-of-a-kind inflatable balloon. The bright colors, huge size, and general joviality they whip up in your neighborhood or event create a unique visual brand. Despite this and the fun process of designing a custom inflatable balloon, many businesses aren’t sure how best to utilize them. Consider these twelve occasions to help you brainstorm other great ways your business can benefit from custom inflatable balloons.

Grand Openings

custom inflatable balloons grand opening

Just as a baby is a reason to make some commotion, launching your business is a perfect way to use custom inflatable balloons. Consider animating your mascot, enlarging your logo, or amplifying your product. This is a great way to jumpstart business!


Remodeling any part of a business is exhausting and stressful. Some businesses lose clients if the construction shuts down a place entirely or makes visiting complicated. Completing construction is a major achievement, so let the world know! Whether it’s a complete overhaul, a better equipped kitchen, a partial or department redo that inconvenienced customers, or a new patio for them to enjoy, a custom inflatable will let patrons know your business is better than ever and bring them back to experience it.

Something New

custom inflatable balloons something new

People love being the first to know and experience new products or services. If you’ve revamped the menu, added new dishes, or launched a new product, now is the time to showcase a made-to-order balloon! Biggie-size the product into a balloon and put it in a choice location to peak consumer interest. Bold text will complete the charm of your innovation and bring customers in for a firsthand taste and start a social media buzz.

Hosting a Charity Organization

custom inflatable balloons charity event

Anytime you’ve got a cause you believe in and support at an event, you’ll plan a marketing strategy around the special dates. Don’t forget to include a personalized inflatable balloon! Whether you want to make people think about the cause or simply come and give, an inflatable can get the point across in a big way.

The Superbowl

custom inflatable balloons

The annual Superbowl already has a following and built in marketing appeal with over 100 million viewers each year. That means that on this special day, you will have a lot of competition for your related goods or promotions. Use a specialized hot air balloon in the shape of a football, football helmet, some hot wings, a pizza, or a giant T.V. to let customers know you’ll have tons of screens showing the big game. Well placed and maximized lettering upon the balloon can also display your amazing deals on team fan gear or other related goods.

Nascar Nights

air ad image 3

Race days and their surrounding weekends are prime opportunities to jack up turnout for special menu deals or product sales. A custom-built inflatable can make your storefront the most appealing option and pack the house for the big race. With the right prices and high-caliber service, you can turn the crowd your inflatable attracts into regular customers.

Back to School Sales

Over the next month, competition over the $26.7 billion dollars that will be spent on school supplies will be intense. Stand out with a giant inflatable balloon. Consider shapes such as backpacks, rulers, calculators, or other supplies on every student’s materials list and you’ll leverage some serious sales.

Halloween Offers

custom inflatable balloons halloween

Even though it’s a few months away, Halloween poses another great chance to utilize an inflatable hot air balloon that fits the theme or promotion you’ll have running. Consider a grouping of your favorite spooky icons such as Frankenstein, black bats, or ghosts. The same applies to other major holidays. Get your inflatables ordered now to avoid the rush!

Under New Management

Just as grand openings and completed remodels need announcement, a takeover in management provide a great opportunity to reel in customers that didn’t like the service or product before, as well as encouraging anyone that’s never stopped in to do so. A customized inflatable could discuss accompanying new products or simply reiterate what the company was already doing well.

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New Location

If you’ve moved or opened a second location, a huge and unique hot air inflatable can accomplish two things. First, it can announce the second store at both locations. Secondly, the balloon in the new location can make sure everyone in the accompanying neighborhood, as well as competitors’ clients, that you are there and ready to provide your goods or services.

Store Anniversary

Our economy has had a lot of fluctuations over the years, so when your business’s anniversary comes around, throw a party! Even a special sale announced with a celebratory inflatable will encourage customers to stop in and garner a boost in sales.

Small Local Festivals

It’s wonderful to get involved in your community, and with the summer and autumn come hordes of chances to set up a booth at a local fair, festival, or farmer’s market. Stand out from the rows of booths with a tall or wide (or both!) customized hot air balloon that depicts what your selling or how your contributing to the community. A nursery could do a flower, a food booth could do a potato or bucket if their crisping up fries, or a bottled product could have a man-size display to peak shoppers’ curiosity.

As you can see, there are loads of ways you can make an announcement with a simple but effective customized inflatable balloon. We’ve just come up with a few, but each business is unique and probably has a few other ways that profit can be achieved with their effective marketing. If you’ve got an idea, we can create it! Head over to Request a Quote and we’ll help you get something epic started!


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