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14 Ways to Show Your Customers How Much You Care This Holiday Season

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The fourth quarter of 2015 officially hit every American business recently. Holiday and end-of-year marketing strategies have been formed to reach new customers and increase sales. In addition to these plans, thanking loyal or past customers is also something to keep on the horizon. From major clients to the community at large that supported you, now is a great time to consider ways to show you care. Budget and scope will have an impact on what you choose to do, so consider both as you check out these suggestions.

1. Host an Event

Gathering some of your business’s favorite people and offering them some fun is a wonderful way to show you care. You can choose to have it privately at a local restaurant, catered at business site, or welcome them into your home for a more traditional holiday party. Check out our article on Event Promotion for some fun ideas on making the night special such as introducing them to local figures and having drawings or giveaways. You can also incorporate some of the other elements mentioned below.

2. The Power of Tradition

You customers are going to feel really special if they pull their mail out and find something unique from you. Consider the age-old tradition of holiday cards. Whether you hand write in them or create custom postcards, your clients will know that you thought of them when you sent them off. The personal connection is worth some of your time and can lead to further networking and business. Charity cards are also a wonderful way to not only show gratitude, but also your reputation. The bonus here is that you’ve also given to a good cause in the process.

3. Discounts

If offering discounts or coupons during the season is already on your marketing list, consider a deeper one for loyal or special customers. It’s estimated that Americans will spend somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 million dollars this holiday season. Giving the individual a break within the delicate balance of our current economy will go a long ways toward customer constancy and cheer.

4. Donate to Charity on Behalf of your Client

Charity cards are a wonderful way to give, but donating to a charity that is either close to the heart of your client or to your business on behalf of your client is an alternative that can truly show you care. Not only are you focusing on your customer, but you are also setting up your business for a reputation boost and helping a great cause.

5. Spotlight clients on Social Media

Just as employees love the public praise when they do a good job, customers love getting some attention. You can do a simple post thanking them for a major purchase or supporting your business, or promote their favorite holiday cause or links. Networking is so important in this modern world, and your customers will appreciate the shout out.

6. Giveaway

This is a great spin off of a promotion. You can have lots of fun gifts and notify your customers that their name is going into the “hat” for them. Make sure the items up for handout are things they’ll find valuable, whether it’s relevant to your business or a service they don’t normally indulge in. This is also a fun thing to do at events to up the fun factor.

7. Thoughtful Gift

Of course, the holidays wouldn’t be complete without gift giving, and thanking customers with a small or specialized gifts will please them every time. Just like the giveaways, make the present something special, either in your own product or something else.

8. Thank you Note

Just as cards are considered thoughtful, taking the time to hand write (we know what you’re thinking, foreign concept in this modern age of technology) will mean a great deal to the recipients. Have fun with it, choosing fancy or festive stationary, colored ink pens, stickers or stamps to fancy up the envelope.

9. Invite Them to Participate

Philanthropy in any form is good for business, but the holiday season seems to offer a lot more opportunities to give back. A great way to do good and enjoy the company of a customer or client is to ask them to join in on these service projects. Not only will they be impressed with your offer, but you’ll also get a chance to get to know the customer as you work alongside them.

10. Specialty Book with Written Dedication

One of the most diverse and often appreciated gifts is a book with a handwritten dedication or note within its pages. Pick out one that either reminds you of that client or a proven business one they can put to good use. Can’t decide? An Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Kindle gift card is a close second.

11. Save Some Green to Give Some

Speaking of gift cards, retail gift cards and vouchers, such as those available from House of Fraser, raise.com, or giftcards.com, can be purchased in bulk by businesses. Then give them to employees and customers these bonuses in appreciation for their patronage or hard work.

12. Tickets for Local Sport

Another great way to say thanks is to invest in a block of seats or box tickets to a local sporting event. Since these types of events are not always a priority within a budget, customers might not get to go as often as they like. By buying the block or box, you can offer a big group some fun entertainment, get to know them even more, solidify customer loyalty. Printing off tickets or a certificate with the event details is a fun way to deliver the invitation if you can’t do it personally.

13. Request Their Help with Decorating

More than 78% of the U.S. put up a Christmas Tree; it’s considered one of the most fun traditions of both religious and secular Christmas celebrators. Requesting their help with the business building’s decorating is a fun way to get them involved and gives you the opportunity to thank them face to face. Or if it may be easier, designate an ornament for each client to put on tree and make it a simple event. This can also be a fun activity to incorporate into a party or event.

14. To Care is Rare

Many companies think about employees but forget about the people that have invested in one way or another. That trust should be acknowledged. Showing your thanks also makes your business seem more real, a trait that is important in modern industry. The more human your enterprise, the more transparent and personable, the more success you’ll have in the long run.

May your business prosper for the remainder of this year, and continue its cheer into 2016 with a hoard of loyal and appreciated customers.

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