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15 Essential B2B Advertising Strategy Guides

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If you’re looking to take your business-to-business marketing to the next level, now might be the perfect chance to invest some time in solid reading material and make a plan. The fifteen guides linked below are a comprehensive set of resources, from generalized marketing strategies to select sectors or advertising types. Some are in-depth articles, others are eBooks that require a download. Either way, they will ensure you plan a successful B2B advertising strategy.


The Guide to Facebook Advertising put out by in 2014 is still prevalent this year. This article style guide offers not only strategies to circumvent Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm to increase organic reach, but also goes into details about the different ad options on Facebook’s interface.


The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn by has recently been updated, giving businesses a leg up in their use of LinkedIn for advertising purposes. It includes network growth, maintaining savvy of industry news, expanding reach on the platform, generating leads and more.

Paid Social Media Advertising

The five part list and recommended experiment with their suggestions make the B2B New Network’s Marketing Guide to Paid Social Media Reach worth a look over. They even have a snazzy graph displaying how paid advertising works nearly 6 times better than unpaid.

Keywords, SEO, and Page Tagging

Komarketing Associates Quick Guide to Keyword Research & Page Tagging may have been published back in 2007, but its 17 pages have some basic information that should still be a part of your plan. It also contains great links and stats.


Marketing Tech Blog’s A-to-Z Slideshare Marketing Guide should be added to your marketing to-do list. Every facet of business-to-business is explored on this infograph and slideshare is offered as a work dog for everything from branding to analytics.

Content Marketing

The 16 pages of’s Grande Guide to B2B Content Marketing is one of the best PDF’s you’ll get your eyes on this year. It breaks down the different types of content with quick-read bullet points, and offers examples on how and when to implement them. It also discusses whether content marketing should be a cornerstone of your marketing tactic or just a sliver of it. The honesty of it is refreshing.

Native Advertising

Native advertising has seemed to take the internet by storm in recent months, and a lot of businesses are still trying to figure out how to make it work for their products and services. B2B Marketing has a great guide article entitled Your Go-To Guide to Getting Ahead with B2B Native Advertising. They discuss platforms, content, and budget with stats to back up all their claims.

Pay Per Click

Wordstream offers their The PPC Guide for B2B Professionals to help businesses uncover some truth and see how to best utilize keywords, ad copy, landing pages (all elements of PPC) for their marketing approach. We especially love their tips on Ad Copy.


If branding is something you’ve been struggling with or trying to reimagine for a leg up on competition, Bizo’s Practical Guide to B2B Branding Online should be in your guide arsenal. It is a bit of a heavy read, but within those pages is some valuable info you won’t find in the myriad of branding blog articles on the internet.

Imagery on Social Media

B2B advertising guides

Business to Community posted The B2B Guide to Social Media Advertising Series. Part 3 especially focuses on imagery and how it ties into ad copy, call-to-action, and value proposition for your business. You can also check out the other parts of the series to help with targeting and other great marketing elements.


Google+ is still an underused social option for businesses. Adweek’s B2B Marketers Guide to Using Google+ Infograph is a great visual breakdown of how to use Google+ as effectively or more so than other top social media sites. It includes sections for setting it up, being active, and keeping track of growth.

B2B Guide Series

A wonderful set of marketing information is contained within’s Quad of Guides, each free to download:

  • Social Media + B2B marketing
  • Mobile in the B2B space – don’t get left behind
  • B2B Sector
  • B2B Marketing Online

Keeping up with the fast pace of advertising means staying on top of what will move your message to your audience in the fastest time possible.

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