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17 Key Takeaways from Native Advertising

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Native Advertising, also known as “in stream advertising”, is a sponsored post that mimics the platform it’s placed on. Whether that’s in form or style of the platform or topic related, it blends so well that clickers often don’t realize what they’re reading is advertising.

In order to resonate with banner-avoiding customers, advertisers aimed for a different sort of ad, one that spoke naturally to potential customers from their usual social hangouts. Thus, the name.

Native advertising has become more popular over the last few years, especially when its potential for consumer responses was unleashed last year.

What is available in native advertising?

Five main types of content are associated with native advertising online, with a myriad of others that don’t quite fit any of them.

  • Most commonly noticed are search ads that mimic search results
  • Widgets that recommend sponsored ads based on similar interests (often used on social media)
  • In Feed Ads that nudge into web pages
  • Promoted listings on ecommerce sites
  • A typical In-Ad neighboring similar content on a given site

Why should you consider native advertising?

Traditional advertising has the stigma of being a nuisance. It’s a distraction; which is why consumers like it even less if you somehow manage to break through and interrupt what they are doing. Native advertising serves not only to break down this hostile resistance to advertising, but to ease consumers to advertising that they’ll appreciate.

According to a 2014 Native Advertising Report, 49% of surveyed consumers had no clue what native advertising was, and only 39% of consumers felt native ads mislead readers. Contrast that to the less than 1% click-through rates and other incompetence of display ads and you’ll see that native advertising is the future of online marketing. (Source: BizProfits)

US native advertising revenue has more than doubled since 2013, and is expected to overcome 20 billion by 2018. (Source: Business Insider)

Sponsored content produces conversions and constructs lead lists. Native ads can help you do the same. For example, specifically directed brand ads can target Facebook users who already love and use their products. You can further find and market to social media users who have similar characteristics of your loyal brand followers with native ads. (Source: Cision)

Sharethrough and the IPG Media Lab did a study in which subjects were 25% more likely to look at a native ad than they were at a banner, and they looked at them 53% more often, checking them out 4.1 times per session on average, versus 2.7% for banners. (Source: Forbes)

How do you utilize it?

key takeaways from native advertising

Relevant and well-designed native ads get positive responses from consumers. Voice and topics that resonate with viewers will fulfill native advertising’s current abilities. Who knows what the future of native advertising holds? The possibilities are endless.

Clearly mark your native ads as sponsored. Keeping transparency will create trust with consumers and good vibes for your brand.

Collaborate intended agenda with relevant news or content. Don’t market for markets sake. Give viewers good information and you’ll see long-term rewards.

Integrate your native ads not only into platforms, but also into devices. The more native the ad looks on mobile, tablet, or computer screen, the better.

Maintain metrics and tabs on competition. The beauty of native advertising is how well its success can be measured and improved upon. Likewise, with all advertising, know what your competition is doing in native advertising will keep you a few steps ahead, and increase sales. (Source: What Runs Where)

Team up Direct Marketing Tactics with Native Marketing. Shocking and awe-inspiring images and engaging titles can only help funnel people to your engaging landing pages.

Speaking of landing pages, don’t restrict your content for the purposes of marketing. Once you get consumers where you want them, entertain and engage them. By building consumer relationships, you’re also constructing far reaching loyalty which can and will translate into sales.

Bottom line: Your Native Ads can Work

Native advertising has outperformed traditional and display ads over the last three years and will continue to do so because it organically attracts and keeps customers. By building value of your brand in the eyes of native viewers will you see the increases of online engagement and sales you crave.

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