20 holiday advertising stats  

20 Holiday Advertising Stats for 2015 Worth Celebrating

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Now that September is in full swing, holiday season marketing plans are getting ramped up. Businesses across all industries, from retail to restaurants get a nice sales boost when this time of year rolls around. And just how good of a boost you might be wondering… if these numbers are any indication, the last couple quarters of the year seem to increase every year. And with good reason, the marketing spend does too.

20 Holiday Advertising Stats for 2015

1. Magnetic’s showed that ad spend on mobile devices grew 62% from quarter 3 to quarter 4 in 2014.

2. The National Retail Federation recorded a whopping 616.1 Billion in sales for the 2014 season, and that number is expected to jump for 2015.

3. A Traf-Sys survey reported that 78% of consumers are more likely to buy more products if a retailer provides targeted and personalized offers.

4. A consumer survey by AgileOne showed that more than 70% expect some level of personalization from the brands they engage with.

5. ShopperTrak collects data from some 60,000 retail locations worldwide (about 80 percent of those in the U.S.) and expects holiday sales to be up 2.4 percent from last year.

6. IBM reported that in 2014, 21% of retail sales and 42% of retail traffic was done on mobile, and those numbers are supposed to increase respectively to 24% and 48% in 2015.

7. eMarketer estimates that ecommerce will hit 9.0% of total retail sales in 2014 season, or $79.40 billion.

8. Paid social ads lead to 25% more conversion than organic social.

9. Holiday shopping survey have been released by online marketplace Rakuten, 61% said that they preferred shopping online.

10. 78 percent of consumers used the Internet to research holiday gifts.

11. Google says last year holiday shoppers tuned into YouTube (which Google owns, of course) to see reviews of products before buying them. Most (68 percent) preferred watching reviews from “people like me” than from experts (45 percent).

12. In 2014, 48% of holiday shoppers said they did the majority of their shopping on or before Cyber Monday, and 25% did some shopping before Halloween.

13. 80% holiday shoppers used YouTube to review and rate products prior to purchasing.

14. In the UPS/comScore study, 54 % of consumers that purchased online opted to ship to a local store for pickup and of those, 40% purchased additional merchandise at the store when they did so.

holiday Advertising stats

15. 63% of consumers who bought gift cards online in December 2014 bought digital cards instead of physical cards, up from 57% in the same month in 2013, according to data released by InComm.

16. $1,028,000,000 was spent online on November 29, 2014 (Cyber Monday).

17. Shoppers referred from Facebook had an average order value of $123.44, 26.2% higher than those referred from Pinterest ($97.78), per IBM.

18. An analysis of 2014 retail email activity from Bronto suggests that 7AM was the busiest hour, with 10% of all emails sent then.

19. Online shopping hit a peak between 9 and 10PM on Cyber Monday, details Adobe, also noting that the best discounts were to be had in the early morning hours. ChannelAdvisor data also indicates that shopping activity peaked between 6PM and midnight.

20. In 2014, brand loyalties were shaky, with over 50% of consumers were open to buying from a new retailer, and 41% actually did. Another reason why effective restaurant ad campaigns are critical.

What do these numbers mean for you? Holiday spending goes up every year, and 2015 won’t be any different.

For retailers, and those catering to the shoppers like restaurants, coffee shops and convenience stores, online marketing and advertising is the lead-in for making potential customers aware of sales and special holiday offers. But that’s just the start.

Physical, location based marketing is what entices a right turn into your location.

Social media may be your ticket to introducing consumers to your offers, but decision point marketing will cap off a strategy designed to bring consumers in the front door. Here’s to your successful 2015 holiday season!

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  1. […] trend report reveals that 78 percent of shoppers are more likely to buy products if a retailer provides targeted and personalized offers. With the overwhelming gifts offers of all types during the holidays, a thoughtful promotion […]

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