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4 Attention-Grabbing Products to Promote Your Grand Opening

Grand Openings

Too often, people treat their grand opening like sticking a toe in the water and not like a diving board that can launch their business into success. Grand opening events set the stage for not only your product or sales, but also the customer base you’ll have. The more people you can bring to your special occasion, the more customer trust, and ultimately, loyalty you can earn. Before you open those doors, you need to make sure that you’ve covered every advertising base, offering what will draw people to it, sending out big and exciting vibes, and making your location easy to find. All of these elements can be achieved with some of our best-selling products!

Customized and relevant inflatables are a wow factor when it comes to your grand opening! Placing them before the actual event with details is a sure fire way of get the word out about the big date that’s coming. Whether it’s a larger-than-anything version of your product, a relevant shape or item to your business, or a big ol’ hot air balloon with a huge banner fluttering from its front, you’re invitees or new customers won’t be able to miss it!

hot air inflatable balloon

Those passing by that didn’t even know about the grand opening won’t be able to resist looking, and stopping, to find out more or join the fun! Plus, the word-of-mouth power of these colossal advertising pieces is endless.

inflatable advertising

Even after the grand opening is over, the image associated with your location will continue to offer advertising in the form of branding and local talk.

Additionally, bright and colorful feather flags along road or drive ways or sidewalks will welcome guests and announce why your business grand opening is worth stopping for. They’re great to use as a visual list of what you have to offer customers as far as products go, or what activities or special features you’re grand opening has.

grand opening advertising flags

For example, if you were driving down the road and you saw a line of flags and the first flag read “grand opening”, and the next said “first customer discounts” and then another couple had one or two items you’ve been considering purchasing, won’t the flags convince you to stop? That is the persuasive and effective capability of an advertising flag!

Now, for the icing on the advertising cinnamon rolls. Triple deck your grand opening clout with pennants and one-of-a-kind banners and your big opening will achieve even more attendance than you expected! The more creative and integrated branding you get in to either of these, be it your company’s color scheme or a unique message, you’re sure to draw in a crowd that will make your grand opening a roaring victory.

shell hot air balloon pennants cloud buster

The price points of these four products are peanuts compared to what they can do for your grand opening. Be observant in your community and see how they work for other businesses. If they grab your attention, urge you to stop, or convince you that you would like what the business has to offer, then you know they can work extra hard for your grand opening event. Contact us today with any questions or to invest in your business and its future.


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