5 lessons from Friends on Leveraging Outdoor advertising  

5 Lessons from Friends on Leveraging Your Outdoor Advertising

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Outdoor advertising is a breed all its own. With the space and exposure it gets, often times it is under appreciated. But banners, signs, inflatable characters and attention-getters, even dressed and dancing side walkers can make your business shine. Who better to teach you lessons about making your outdoor advertising work than the cast of Friends?

Sometimes You Just Have to Put Yourself Out There

Like Pheobe with her guitar and dozens of songs about mostly inappropriate topics, she shows us that it’s okay to put it all out there. The more you sing, the more attention you’re going to get. That attention will drop change in your cup, or you know, profit in your bank account.

Use Bright Colors to Grab Attention

Monica’s wardrobe consists of classic fare, but she often has a pop of color hanging ‘round her neck or a bold patterned top. It’s a perfect example of how using cheerful and stunning color or pattern in your advertising can make it stand out in a drab, exterior environment.

Hanging Things Off of Buildings Can Help Sell Them

When their couch needed to be sold, they didn’t pin a printed piece of paper on the back of it. No, the friends team hung it off their patio. Likewise, the higher and more elaborately you get your information, the more people will see it and the more successful your outdoor advertising will be. Another lesson: make sure its tightly and safely secured to the structure.

When Something Unexpected Arises, Use it to Your Advantage

Joey couldn’t just let all that food go to waste when the fridge took a dump, and he’s got a point. If things aren’t quite working out like you hoped, make that lemonade. Who knows how well your ingenuity will garner more business in the long run.

Don’t Underestimate Shock Factor

Outdoor advertising is not the time to play it safe. When something unexpected or shocking lights up your advertisements, it will get noticed.

(Be sure to keep it within certain moral limits of course.) Pairing opposites or being a little silly, especially around holidays or during special promotions, can raise potential customer’s curiosity and move them to action, be it calling for more information or visiting the storefront.

With these lessons in mind, your outdoor advertising should be a huge success.

What gets your message out there in an easy and budget friendly way? Take the advice from Friends – go big and grab attention!

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