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5 Top Guerilla Marketing Ideas For Boosting Your Sales

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Marketing campaigns can take up a huge chunk of your business’ budget, and as you can’t always guarantee they’ll be a success, it can often seem like a senseless waste of money.

One way to reduce your marketing costs is to to employ a guerilla marketing strategy. Both large and small companies can incorporate guerilla tactics to attract the attention of their market. Even Adidas has incorporated these methods into their advertising – the sports brand launched one of their new stores with the help of a load of small blue rubber ducks.

If you can think creatively and outside the box then you’re halfway there to a fantastic guerilla marketing campaign – it’s time to get your thinking caps on!

And even if you don’t have that vivid of an imagination, we’ve compiled our favorite ideas for a successful marketing campaign…

1. Social Marketing

A phenomenon of the 21st century, social media has only really been used for company marketing in the past couple of years so it’s still fair to call it a guerilla technique. If you can get one of your posts, tweets or videos to go viral then you will be reaching an audience much wider than your originally intended one. Once you have increased your outlets, you will be able to push your content and watch it travel further around the web.

2. Take to the streets

Graffiti is one of the top offline guerilla marketing techniques out there. Before you commit to anything though, remember that you are encroaching on public space. The public are usually open to marketing graffiti if its presence is temporary, or if it improves the aesthetic of the surrounding area. An example of some fab graffiti marketing comes from Ikea, who even went as far as to graffiti over their own advertisements.

3. Pop up

Pop up shops are the latest in-vogue trend for business, no matter how big or small they may be. It’s now possible to occupy various sized spaces in most towns and cities. If you offer your product or service for a limited time in a location which you normally don’t reach, it will create a buzz around your company and brand. More people will hear about you and, if happy with your service and product, will seek you out in the future; hopefully blossoming into a loyal and devoted customer.

4. Flash mobs

These are awesome if you have a willing workforce to get on board. If not, you could always hire some local actors or dancers to perform for you. Create an unexpected yet entertaining scene in a busy central area and, once all the crowds have gathered, you can send out people to flyer and spread the word about your brand. It’s also an excellent way onto local media. Any column inches or minutes on local news shows is free advertising – the better your flash mob is, the more attention it will gain.

5. In-house events

Why not invite your customers in to your offices or work space to show them how you operate. This can be as simple as inviting existing customers and potential audience in for a coffee morning or open day. This is a great method to give your company and brand a human and personal touch, something that will appeal to the public. If you don’t want to take your guerilla marketing out onto the streets, you can bring your customers directly to it in your own space.

And this picture is one final, bonus idea…

TBT Inflatable game 1999

It’s a good idea to venture out into guerilla marketing – it can be cheaper and much more effective than traditional methods of advertising. As long as you keep it entertaining and not too shocking or out-there, then the general public will generally be open to it. And it can be fun to organize too; often employees are keener to get involved with a creative campaign.

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