why your small business can't shy away from social media  

7 Reasons Why Your Small Business Can’t Shy Away from Social Media

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So you’ve been debating about whether or not your business can afford the time to participate in social media. The answer is a resounding yes! The marketing opportunities alone are worth the effort you put into it. We could do a laundry list of the reasons why you should sit down and start building your online platform, but we’d rather you just go do it. So here are seven quick reasons to convince you.

Your Customers and Potential Customers are there

In all forms of marketing, successful results hinge on finding your target customers. Social media is the ultimate way to reach them. Almost everyone has a Facebook page, Twitter account, or Pinterest boards with interests and social inclinations blared across their pages. You need to be where your customers are so you can reach them!

It’s (mostly) Free

Aside from internet costs, which you probably already pay or  the occasional ad you post, social media is a no-cost way to interact with customers and build relationships with them. Not only will your profits build from using social media, but your budget will benefit too.

Powerful Marketing Tool

We mentioned in the introduction how powerful social media is as a marketing tactic. That’s because your presence gets the ball rolling. Whenever you post on social media, even if it’s a quick reminder of a sale or a fun picture of a new product, it creates a buzz. These posts can be shared and spread across the social-sphere quickly like an electronic word of mouth. Also, people still share information via the real world after they’ve seen it on the internet. So you can be sure whatever you post will be shared offline.

Another great benefit of social media as an advertising outlet is that it can set your business up as an expert in its field or niche. As your social media following grows and you post information surrounding your business’s message, people are going to remember you’re smarts when need arises. Social media can establish that reputation and garner more customers.

Easy to Personalize, Brand, and Maintain

The ease with which social media can be set up alone should convince you to do it. For each website your business is present upon, you can personalize the page to attract more customers. By making all of the pages interact and similar in style, you’ve began a brand that will work hand in hand with your online reputation.

Also, once the social media profiles are set up, they are fairly easy to maintain. Your business’s basic information shouldn’t change and with each new post or announcement, you’re grabbing attention and keeping your business on your clients’ radar.

Unassuming Feedback

customer feedback using social media
Another major feature of social media is the ability to receive genuine feedback from new customers or to damage control situations you might not have been aware of. Social media is also a great way to reassure dissatisfied customers on a personal level.

Let’s say Janey Poot complains on twitter that one of your employees made a rude remark using the hashtag of your businesses name. You notice it and were unaware of the situation. You can then respond that the employee will be disciplined accordingly and offer that customer a discount for their next visit. The customer responds enthusiastically and thanks you. This is an example of how social media not only dealt with a situation you had no idea took place, but also how you managed to change a dissatisfied customer into a returning one.

Accessibility and Linkability

This reason goes hand in hand with number five above. When consumers can find you online, check out your business and get a feel for you, they are more inclined to do business with you. Also, being able to share experiences they’ve had with you via social media can help your business thrive. The easier you are to link up with other businesses and clients, the more your business will flourish.

Get Your Story Out There

Every business is unique. That’s why there are so many options for products and services. Social Media gives you a leg up on the competition by displaying your story and distinguishing you from competitors. Be sure to take advantage of this fact when you are setting up your profiles and branding yourself on the World Wide Web.

What are some of your concerns about social media? Or do you have a success story to share with us about how social media has influenced the success of your business?

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