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7 Reasons Why Advertising Budgets Should Shift to Inflatable Advertising in 2016

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Advertising budgets for 2016 are at a crossroads –

From online mediums like social media, email and banner advertising, to offline avenues like direct mail and radio, advertisers are trying to have a presence everywhere to reach every one of their customers.

And it makes sense – consumers are on social media, so your location should too. They are talking, mentioning and sharing information faster than any marketer can produce it. In fact, according to ACI, the amount of time consumers spend on mobile devices surpassed the time they spend watching TV – and that shift is expected to continue.

Typically, with any marketing or advertising strategy, departments focus on where the most bang for their buck is. Whether your budget is $5,000 or $2,000,000, putting your advertising and marketing dollars to work for your location AND getting the highest ROI is like balancing on a tight rope. One low profit campaign can disrupt the return, not to mention your budget.

But 2016 is here and there’s no better time to start putting your advertising dollars to work in a way that’s often forgotten. Instead of pushing campaigns from the inside, get this essential business expense out where it belongs… outside, in front of your customers.

Here are 7 reasons why advertising budgets should shift to inflatable advertising this year…

Cost effective

Inflatable advertising is a very low cost form of advertising. To put it in perspective a television ad can run anywhere from $50,000 to millions, depending on time slot, production, network, etc. – for a one-time ad. An inflatable balloon with a custom banner, installed and maintained for you, will run between $750 – $1300 – for a week-long promotion!

Not charged per impression

Impressions are like gauges, most often used when discussing media and online marketing. They give an advertiser an idea of how many eyeballs are seeing a particular ad. The more impressions an ad space attracts, the higher the cost to advertise there.

Inflatable advertising costs don’t change depending on the potential impressions. In fact, once an advertising flag or advertising balloon is installed, the impressions are unlimited, 24 hours a day. Which brings up the next point…

Everybody looks

Consumers are busy, distracted and they multitask. That’s why anything that’s common, like a sign or even a lighted sign, doesn’t catch attention anymore. What catches attention (and makes an IMPRESSION) is the uncommon or unusual. An oversized custom inflatable balloon is by far the most unusual thing drivers going past your location are going to see all week. They get noticed.

Captures your ideal target market

According to the SBA, 85% of your target customers live or work within a 5 mile radius of your location. So these ideal, target customers are out running errands and they get hungry. An advertised special from a business right in their immediate neighborhood is just the thing that will attract them in for your special value meal or special deal.

Compliments in-store specials and promotions

Promotions are big events. And retail and quick serve restaurants know that discounts and specials appeal to customers. From a ‘buy one, get one free’ deal to a special on gym memberships, these types of offers get consumers to buy and even spend more.

An inflatable balloon customized with a banner or an advertising flag with your logo and special on it promotes these offers at street level to compliment your in-store push.

Puts you at eye level

Advertising that is right at eye level of the consumer catches attention. It turns heads, sparks interest and gets noticed. While drivers are going right past every other business on your street, a bandit sign or advertising flag sitting at eye level acts as an attention magnet to get them to notice the promotions, sales or specials at your location.

Creates buzz

Who has the inflatable giant product replica in front of their location? You do! And people are talking about it! Not only talking, they are posting pictures online of it. They are taking selfies with it. Sharing it with their friends. And spreading the word about the promotions at your location.

Advertising budgets are often thought of as huge expenditures with vague returns. Organizations think about the size of the money spent and then gauge the effectiveness by what the ad platform was supposed to deliver. But inflatable advertising gives advertisers the power to run a campaign and move the message out to the street in front of the physical locations where customers are actually passing by every day.

To see how inflatable advertising can help your location, send us an email or give us a call at 855-MY-AIRAD.

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