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7 Ways to Use Custom Shaped Inflatables in your Marketing

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Regardless of whether you want to achieve an increase in sales, a boost in upsells or promote a special offer, you have to get your product or service noticed by your potential customers first. If they don’t know about it, then it doesn’t exist.

And that is the challenge for any business, large or small.

But what if there was a way for you to hit all of your marketing benchmarks, reach your goals AND create buzz at the same time?

That’s the idea we’re going for with custom shaped inflatables. After all, where else can you get the benefit of a custom made product that nearly everyone in your target market will see? Here are 7 ideas to use custom shaped inflatables to explode your visibility and get customers in the front door.

1.Product Replica

Imagine your product, scaled up to about 20 – 30 ft. in height, being seen by everyone who’s driving down your street. Product replica’s are made according to your exact specifications, so your burrito really looks like a burrito. A giant product replica is the biggest way to get your message across while promoting your brand. It’s a sight that can’t be missed.

Custom shaped inflatables product replica2. Santa / Holiday Promotion

Take advantage of the $626.1 billion holiday sales season with a huge inflatable Santa with your special holiday promotion across it. But don’t stop there, Snowmen, Reindeer and even a red and green balloon work overtime at a fraction of the cost of a TV or radio ad.

seasonal custom shaped inflatable3. Inflatable Mascot Costume

Engaging, interacting and promoting for you – that’s what an inflatable mascot can do for you. Put that fun and personable employee in an inflatable costume and watch as they dazzle their way into more sales for your business. Easy to transport and store, an inflatable costume is great for on-location or off-location events.


4.Show your Support for Sports Teams

Games and sports teams are big business – according to Sports Business Daily, revenue for sport teams revolves not only around the games and merchandise, but the off-site products and services surrounding the events. And because there’s a sporting event almost every month of the year, your location could have a basketball, baseball, football, soccer ball, or even a horse racing promotion to tie in to. Watching parties, March Madness specials and Opening Day Deals are ideal ways to attract attention to your big picture marketing campaign.

inflatables sports promotions5.Make your Sign into a Custom Shaped Inflatable

Put a new twist on outdoor signage with a sign that everyone will notice. It’s not enough just to show customers that you’re open for business, you have to do something out of the ordinary to attract them to your location. Create a life-size sign that can’t be missed.

custom shaped inflatables business sign6. Market an Event

A lot goes in to an event – in this article from Small Business Trends, they go over 42 tips for a successful event. And they probably could have gone over 42! So it makes sense to get the maximum attention possible for an event. Add a banner on the custom shaped inflatable with your event details or let the public know about your charity and why you’re raising money. Make you event the place to be.

7.Create a huge sale spectacular

With discounts and special offers taking a front seat in marketing campaigns, it just makes sense to let everyone know about yours too. Indoor P-O-P and storewide signs get the message to those already inside your location, but what about the people not yet in the front door? Take your message to the street with marketing that catches customers at street level.

Marketing campaigns can’t stay inside the confines of your location, nor can they rely on social media. There are thousands of potential customers right outside your front door. They’re driving, walking and commuting; adding something as simple as custom shaped inflatables to your marketing mix attracts their attention, right in that very minute. Like no social media update can.

Check out some more ideas for custom shaped inflatables.

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