4th of July marketing ideas for businesses  

8 July 4th Marketing Ideas to Ignite Business

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Independence Day is one of the biggest holidays in the United States, ranking second only to Christmas. It’s no surprise that given its popularity, the 4th of July is also a major opportunity for marketing. In 2014, the citizens of the US spent $6.2 billion on food alone despite economic hardship. That doesn’t even cover other associated holiday goodies such as clothes, flags, décor, etc… How do you get a slice of this massive revenue? With unique advertising of course! To stand out in a sea of red, white, and blue you need to do things differently than the competition. We’ve got nine great ideas below to help you get started.

Trigger Patriotism
In 2013, Clear Channel Outdoor ran a marketing campaign of billboards with lines from the National Anthem as a way to reach commuters and trigger patriotism.

Take a leaf from their book. Incorporate famous founding father lines, patriotic song lyrics, or the national anthem into your advertising campaign. Place them on signage or use them as inspiration for your marketing message. Lead customers to your front door with flags or balloons displaying the words, or have standing banners with the complete text for them to read as they walk by. Play off their patriotism and welcome them with your own.

Participate in the Festivities
This time of year is a great way to show that you’re a part of the community. Sponsor or participate in parades or festivals celebration this special day. Make your float or banner big and loud. Include music, color, and motion. The great part about parades is that you can design whatever float or vehicle you use to shout your business brand to tons of people.

independence day marketing ideas - parade

You can also donate items for giveaways or create your own that puts you front and center of the holiday fray. Utilize airplane banners during the event, or offer drinks and snacks to spectators as they settle into their sets to watch. When you give or join the rivalry, you’re sure to get dividends.

Larger Than Life Inflatable Figures
Big balloons get you noticed! Whether it’s custom figure balloons or something simply patriotic like a flag, you’ll make a big impression and draw customers to your storefront or promotion event. Furthermore, these types of attention-getters will create buzz that spreads the word through word-of-mouth and social media channels.

4th of July marketing ideas

Giveaway with a View
If your business owns a prime spot to view your communities fireworks display, take advantage of it. Hold a drawing for the opportunity to utilize the space! What person wouldn’t want to enjoy a fireworks display without worrying about claiming a spot among packed streets or waterfronts? You can also throw in decorations, music, or free food as incentive, or a goodie bag of your company’s swag. Advertise the giveaway with a huge sign near the location and make it irresistible.

If you don’t have a perfectly placed location, consider using connections to acquire a local one. The convenience of the spot will be enough incentive to entice customers to enter the drawing, as well as encourage some sales while they do.

Plan a Fireworks Show Alternative
Not everyone likes fireworks. Families with small children may be less inclined to participate in viewing them. This is a great chance for you to give them something just as awe-inspiring. Consider live streaming a fireworks show on a big screen or renting a projector to create a display either inside your establishment or on the outside of your building. Hand out small bags of popcorn or candies and seating or the space for visitors to bring their own.

Another option is to hold an event or promotion within your building for those that don’t want to see the fireworks. Consider offering a discount for those that wear patriotic colors or say the pledge of allegiance. Set up a room with some patriotic bingo or other seated games. Or better yet, get a local band or orchestra to put on a mini concert of patriotic songs. This way, those that would rather avoid the fireworks have a fun place to go. They’ll come enjoy your event and buy your goods as well.

Offer a Shuttle Service
If you have a company vehicle or two (or more!) consider offering a shuttle for customers. You can choose to charge for the service and let them park on your lot, or offer them a free ticket to use with a purchase. Either way, this is a convenience buyers will take advantage of, especially if it means they don’t have to find parking and lug any items through as many crowds.

Trivial Signs
History presents a plethora of fun facts that you can incorporate into your Fourth of July marketing. Instead of the standard “Happy 4th of July” on your banner, ask a question and offer a discount or some branded products if they can answer it right. Examples: What is our national bird? How many people signed the declaration of independence? What is the name of the national anthem? (There’s a long list here.)

Team Up with Patriotic Organizations
Fourth of July is one of the many holidays in which people reflect on the service of our armed forces. A great way to promote your business is to show its patriotic colors through humanitarianism. Team up with organizations dedicated to helping active members of the military or veterans (especially since veteran care is a hot topic this year). Broadcast your involvement and encourage customers to donate or volunteer (and shop while they’re at it!) You can have a booth at your business dedicated to getting the organization’s message out, set up a table where customers can write letters to active members, or even invite a representative to come and hand out propaganda for their cause. Furthermore, this is a great chance to use radio or television advertising to your advantage, as people respond to any chance to help those that fight for the freedom this holiday is all about. Some great non-profits to consider are Letters to Soldiers, Soldier’s Angels, and United Service Organizations . Here’s a complete list of additional veteran related organizations you can contact: http://greatnonprofits.org/categories/view/veterans.

Don’t let the opportunity to leverage one of the US’s biggest holidays slip past you with mundane or overdone marketing messages. Take one of the above suggestions and make it your own. With these bigger, better ideas you’re sure to have the turn out you crave and the sales you want. Seth Godin said it best: “Marketing is a contest for people’s attention.” So make sure the attention of your target consumers is fixed on your business this Fourth of July.


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