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The Bright, Colorful Add-On for Your Marketing Strategy

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There is one thing that no promotion can be without. No, not balloons (though they are important). Not giveaways either….

It’s something that compliments all the promo items you have and states your message clearly in an impactful way.

It’s the wonderful world of vinyl.

There are endless opportunities for marketers to create the perfect advertising plan. Simple add-ons like vinyl are extremely effective in pushing your message to the streets and up close with your audience. There are two options when it comes to vinyl and which one is best for your event depends on several factors. Fortunately our design team can help you chose which one to use.

Here are some characteristics to keep in mind with vinyl:

Though solid and perforated vinyl advertising products both contain vinyl, some subtle differences offer diverse advertising options for businesses both large and small. Our solid vinyl is 100% vinyl, making it more stretchable, less stiff (as opposed to laminated vinyl), and more durable to the elements. Even though it lasts for years, most businesses choose to replace solid vinyl products or order new ones each time they do a new special because they know the value of having these adhered to walls or windows. If you’ve ever seen thick clings that block sunlight from within any business, then you’ve met this beast. Its solid form is especially vibrant and eye-catching for potential customers walking or driving by.

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In contrast, perforated vinyl is a 70/30 blend, granting not only visibility and light from the inside of a location, but also providing dynamics for window displays that incorporate signage with real products. It’s the better selling vinyl because people love the transparency and modern atmosphere it adds. In addition to being ideal window clings, perforated vinyl is also used in our car wraps, giving your advertising a ride. Businesses often wheel their information around their city or target locations in advance to ensure optimum sales or buzz around an event or promotion.

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Solid and perforated vinyl offer many similar perks even in their different forms. Both have a fade resistant life span of about three years. Our team can also help design graphics and pictures on special deals or product campaigns on either medium, giving businesses a last chance to mention a special offer or capture customer attention. Restaurants can utilize these for recurring daily specials, fundraisers or charity drives, or big events on dining room windows or along drive-through lanes. Likewise, retail shops can announce specials, sales, and other big news offers with the most limited or expansive store fronts with either form of vinyl. The best part about either type of vinyl signage is how easily our team can install any vinyl marketing options. It only takes some glass cleaner and a lot of patience to line the seams up and clear the bubbles out.

If you have a business or location, vinyl’s are a simple, yet impactful way to compliment your marketing campaign. They can mention a last chance offer as customers enter the store or whet their appetites with amazing pictures or graphics of your product. We can install them and have them working for you almost as quickly as you can give us a call to get the process started. Vinyl is another great way we get you noticed!

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