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How Do You Advertise an Event on a Tight Budget?

Event Tips

Few things determine how successful an event is than the attendance numbers. To get high numbers, promotion, marketing and advertising all need to come together. This gets tricky when you have a tight budget with high ROI goals. Fortunately, there are many tools to help you spread the word cost effectively.

Custom Tents

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Using a custom tent to market an event is the starting point for getting that visibility and exposure that you need to attract your audience. Why is it a starting point? Because a tent just screams ‘look over here, we have something going on’. Add in customization and event goers will be flocking to you.

There are an unlimited number of options for printing on a tent – creating a branded look for your event has never been easier! Plus, an eye catching, custom tent can facilitate activity and kick off the buzz surrounding your event.

Advertising Flags

The event staple. Advertising flags are one of the most cost effective, yet impactful items on your event list. If prioritizing your budget means deciding what to cut out, flags should be on the short list. Advertising flags can be customized with any number of colors, fonts and images. Plus, once you have the hardware, you are set for interchanging the flags for other uses.

Custom Banners

Stretching your dollar doesn’t have to mean skimping on the essentials. Custom banners are easy on the budget while giving your event the signage it needs. While there are a multitude of tools and platforms out there to advertise an event, even on a tight budget, a well designed banner can say a lot without actually costing an arm and a leg.


Let’s face it, events need budgets. And events aren’t cheap. While working with a small budget tends to make your job a bit more challenging, it is not impossible. And spending money on the right things for an event can save thousands in advertising expenses, especially ones where it’s tough to tell if they worked or not.

SPECIAL OFFER: Event Package from Air Ad Promotions

event package special

The Air Ad Promotions Event Package puts the essentials right at your fingertips in the most economical way. With this package, you get the custom tent, two advertising flags and a custom banner, regularly totaling over $1,000, all for $895!

You need to stay on budget with your event expenses, we can help. To take advantage of the special pricing on this event package, head over to Get an Estimate and fill out the form. Remember to mention the code, EVENT2017!

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