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How Air Ad Promotions Supports the Top 5 Seasonal Marketing Opportunities

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The holidays have officially kicked off and we are in full swing for sales and seasonal marketing opportunities. As a marketer, determining the best combination of timing, delivery and content is a task you know all too well. There are always trends and new releases to consider and how each strategy you execute will impact the consumer – either in a positive or negative way.

At Air Ad Promotions, supporting seasonal marketing strategies is just one way we step in to help you encourage consumer spending. The other way is with eye popping and attractive outdoor advertising products.

Holiday and Seasonal Marketing Ideas and Opportunities

Black Friday

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Not only is Black Friday a great time to take advantage of this already highly publicized marketing opportunity, it also means customers are on the lookout for deals and special offers. That’s where an advertising flag comes in. Take your message to the street so everyone passing by won’t miss your Black Friday specials.

Small Business Saturday

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What if you aren’t marketing for a Small Business? There are still ways to tie in to this promotion, even if you market for a nationwide chain. One idea, use an advertising balloon to show off how you ‘help the local community’ or ‘Appreciate your Customers’. This way, there is no mention of ‘Small Business Saturday’, but it’s a nice plug of how your company supports local organizations. And since consumers are in the mindset of small business, it’s a way to show your appreciation for them too.

Cyber Monday

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Cyber Monday is a great marketing opportunity to piggyback on, regardless of if you have an online store or not. Wondering how an offline restaurant can tie in Cyber Monday? What about offering a Special for signing up for your app or for joining your email list? It’s a well known promotion and one that consumers will notice. Make sure they know that you are the Cyber Monday destination.

Health / Gym Promos

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When do consumers start thinking about getting in shape and getting fit? Studies show, right after the holidays! So get your campaigns queued up and ready to go for catching those New Year’s Resolution commitments. Use prominent messaging on a brightly colored balloon and you’ll be watching your membership numbers climb and climb.

Tax Season

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Tax season kicks off during the first part of the year. Consumers are looking forward to getting their tax returns and marketers are looking forward to consumers spending it! Any product or service is a good one for promoting tax season sales or special offers – from big ticket items to small ‘tax season specials’.

It’s time to #RethinkYourMarketing

Need some ideas for your holiday and seasonal marketing promotions? Give us a call or fill out the request form to find out how on-site inflatable advertising supports your marketing campaigns!

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