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Black Friday Advertising Ideas To Stand Out from the Competition

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With the biggest shopping day of the entire year fast approaching, it’s time to make sure your location attracts the most customers and stands out from the competition.

Because Black Friday and ‘sales and discounts’ go hand in hand, customers don’t have to look very far to get the latest deal. So how do you get those customers to shop at your location and not your competitors?

Here are a few advertising ideas to make sure you are the one they make a right-hand turn and spend money with.

Say it loud and proud

black friday advertising ideas

Your target market is passing by your location right this very minute. If they can’t see your special sale or promotion, how will they know you have one going on?

A giant 20’ advertising balloon boldly displays that message, loud and clear.

They can’t help but notice it and certainly can’t miss the Black Friday sale message either.

Take it street level

lto promotion advertising flags

As customers drive by, wondering what they’re going to have for dinner or distracted by their never ending to-do list, an advertisement that sits right at street level grabs their attention unlike anything else can.

It’s an instant reminder that they should stop and eat at your location or take advantage of the special sale you have going on.

According to Brookings, over 90% of Americans drive to work. That’s a lot of eyeballs on your ad. And a lot of potential customers walking thru your front door.

Use all your real estate

giant cloudbusters blue

Make the most of your real estate by thinking big. Your competitors might just use a big banner, but you have a secret weapon… you are using every available foot of your location, in width and in height. Giant cloudbuster balloons soar high in the air to generate excitement from miles around.

You pay a lot to be in the location you’re at – use all the real estate!

Cover your car

black friday advertising ideas car cover

Have a location that sits back in a shopping center or off the road? Bring your message to your customers!

Car covers are a great advertising tactic to generate awareness regardless of where you’re at. With stiff competition on every side of you, doing something as memorable and unique as a car cover not only generates instant results, but it reinforces your brand too.

Go simple

black friday advertising ideas pennants

Sometimes simple is best. And pennants are the simple solution that create so much visual excitement, customers just can’t help but notice.

Awareness is key and if customers lose sight of the fact that your location is there – then it’s just a matter of time that they’ll forget all about you. Stay top of mind with a constant reminder like attention grabbing pennants. And best of all – it doesn’t take a huge budget!

Black Friday advertising works

Since the start of the modern day Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, Black Friday has been known as the unofficial start to holiday shopping.

And if you think that with online retailers like Amazon and Walmart, Americans may not shop in stores as much anymore, in fact, Black Friday is the most popular day for in store shopping with 77 million people out shopping just that day alone.

So not only is Black Friday advertising important, it’s essential for driving customers into your location and not to your competition next door.

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