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Air Ad Promotions Featured on Fit Small Business

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Air Ad Promotions has some exciting news to share. We have been featured on Fit Small Business in an article focusing on our specialty – grand opening resources! It’s an honor to be included in a list like this, not just because we love talking about grand openings and what an advertising balloon can do for your location (which we do enjoy talking about!), but because grand openings are that one time when you can pull out all the stops to really get your location noticed. Here’s what we had to say when they asked us for our tips on having an eye catching grand opening: “Whether it’s your first location or your fifth, the opening of a new business means building a large, talkative audience as quickly as possible. On-site advertising products like advertising flags, banners, tents, advertising balloons and pennants are the essential, grand opening tools to attract attention, see an immediate return on investment and sell more without blowing your budget…. “ Read the rest of the article here: 33 Grand Opening Resources And for help with your grand opening, give us a call at 855-692-4723 or send us an email!   

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package special

Summer Time Package Special from Air Ad Promotions

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When you think of summer marketing, your mind may jump immediately to the tactics you did last year and getting it revved up again for this year. Instead of executing with the same strategy, try something fresh and new this summer with a summer time package from Air Ad Promotions. A Summer time package deal with all the essentials is a great way to see immediate return on investment without chipping into your already tight budget. Plus, you’ll make your brand more visible, get more customers in the door and boost sales all at the same time! Included in the Summer Time Package are: 10’ x 10’ Custom Tent Tents are instant attention grabbers. The minute one goes up, it looks like a party. Show your customers that your location is the one to be at. Our tent is customizable to your brand’s colors and whatever message you’d like added on the sides. It comes with a carrying bag, so it’s easy to store. For more information about our custom tents, visit: Custom Tents. 15’ Custom Adversail Advertising Flag with Ground Stake An Adversail flag is the on-site marketing essential. When potential customers are passing by your location, do they […]

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ideas for marketing restaurant delivery

7 Creative Ideas for Marketing Restaurant Delivery

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It’s no surprise that consumers are looking for easier and more convenient ways of enjoying their meals. While carryout was once a wave of the future, delivery is one of the fastest growing segments of the industry. Consumers want good food and they want it at their convenience. But the competition for restaurant delivery opens a whole new niche to be clamoring for attention in. The question is not ‘is delivery a good idea?’ but moreso, ‘how can we stand out from the competition and get creative with our restaurant delivery marketing?’ Fortunately, we have some creative ideas that will get your service noticed and get more customers ordering from you! Ideas for Marketing Restaurant Delivery Adversail Flags The benefit with advertising flags is that they are right at eye level of the people passing by your location. They are truly ‘can’t miss’ advertising. The call to action is clear and they get people to make a right hand turn into your location. Sidewalk Signs For locations in the path of a walkable area, a sidewalk sign is a must. Positioned right outside your front door, they tell customers that your location offers delivery so they can have a night […]

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How Online and Offline Advertising Can Work Together

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Modern consumers have hundreds, if not thousands of marketing messages coming at them every day. A few they might actually look at, even fewer might be engaged with, but the majority of them will fall to the wayside. Not seen and definitely not heard. As an advertising and marketing agency that specializes in on-site, attention grabbing advertising, we are challenged to help our clients come up with the right message that grabs attention at the right time. But discovering when that right time is, is part of the challenge of getting online and offline advertising to work together. This is where we spend a lot of our time and where you can benefit from it – we get to know our customer’s customers. Call it research, profiling or ideal customer descriptions, but this is how customers make their journey to a purchase. And it’s the start of how online and offline advertising can work together. Two Customer Journey’s, Same Outcome Let’s look at two customers… we’ll call them Customer A and Customer B. Customer A is sitting in their office and they noticed it’s 5 minutes before the lunch hour strikes. They hop onto Facebook to browse through the news […]

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advertising examples location ready for spring

Advertising Examples to Get Your Location Ready for Spring

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Spring is coming fast, so it’s time to get your location ready for Spring shopping season. From retail to restaurants, we’ve got the stuff you need to attract attention for your location. Advertising Flags Spring means planting, working out and cleaning up. With advertising flags, your brand tells the story of what is at the top of your customers minds… Banners If there’s one thing your location needs for Spring, it’s a new banner message. Don’t let the same old campaign run again – spruce it up to attract new customers.   Changing up your advertising message reinforces your brand and attracts customers to your location who might have become ‘ad blinded’ before. -Marty Buckholt Advertising Balloons For big time recognition, use an advertising balloon with branded colors and a personalized message. That way your customers can’t miss it. Tube Dancers Wacky and always moving, tube dancers are an essential element for getting a laugh out of your customers. You’ll lose track of how many customers pose for pictures with it! Sidewalk Signs These signs are larger and more durable than a regular yard sign and do an amazing job at attracting attention. Made of plastic or metal, sidewalk signs […]

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How Air Ad Promotions Supports the Top 5 Seasonal Marketing Opportunities

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The holidays have officially kicked off and we are in full swing for sales and seasonal marketing opportunities. As a marketer, determining the best combination of timing, delivery and content is a task you know all too well. There are always trends and new releases to consider and how each strategy you execute will impact the consumer – either in a positive or negative way. At Air Ad Promotions, supporting seasonal marketing strategies is just one way we step in to help you encourage consumer spending. The other way is with eye popping and attractive outdoor advertising products. Holiday and Seasonal Marketing Ideas and Opportunities Black Friday Not only is Black Friday a great time to take advantage of this already highly publicized marketing opportunity, it also means customers are on the lookout for deals and special offers. That’s where an advertising flag comes in. Take your message to the street so everyone passing by won’t miss your Black Friday specials. Small Business Saturday What if you aren’t marketing for a Small Business? There are still ways to tie in to this promotion, even if you market for a nationwide chain. One idea, use an advertising balloon to show off […]

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