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10 Ideas for Advertising a Hotel

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The problem with the hotel industry is the overwhelming competition. Aside from other hotels, you also have to compete with sites like Airbnb and other community based platforms. So, to entice more guests, you have to cover every advertising option possible. Especially those that make your business STAND OUT from the herd. Because it’s not enough to just open the doors… here are ten creative ideas to drive new business to your hotel! Ideas for Advertising a Hotel Adversail Advertising Flags Subtle yet intriguing? Check. With more hotels putting their eggs on digital marketing, these flags give you an edge. It gets your brand exposure in a medium where your competitors can’t or won’t. Customizable, durable, portable, cost-effective, adversail flags are a great way to promote events. Or just as everyday advertising. Let the eye-catching words like “promo” or “special offer” flutter in the wind 24/7. And expect to see an increase in interest, foot traffic, and bookings.   It also comes in different sizes and shapes. So, whether you put it inside or outside your hotel–space won’t be a problem.  Advertising Balloon Every hotelier wants recognition. And to differentiate their business among others. We say, move beyond the usual strategy, […]

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ideas for marketing restaurant delivery

7 Creative Ideas for Marketing Restaurant Delivery

By · Advertising Tips

Originally published 4/26/2018, updated 8/24/2020 It’s no surprise that consumers are looking for easier and more convenient ways of enjoying their meals. While carryout was once a wave of the future, delivery is one of the fastest growing segments of the industry. Consumers want good food and they want it at their convenience. But the competition for restaurant delivery opens a whole new niche to be clamoring for attention in. The question is not ‘is delivery a good idea?’ but moreso, ‘how can we stand out from the competition and get creative with our restaurant delivery marketing?’ Fortunately, we have some creative ideas that will get your service noticed and get more customers ordering from you! Ideas for Marketing Restaurant Delivery Adversail Flags The benefit with advertising flags is that they are right at eye level of the people passing by your location. They are truly ‘can’t miss’ advertising. The call to action is clear and they get people to make a right hand turn into your location. Sidewalk Signs For locations in the path of a walkable area, a sidewalk sign is a must. Positioned right outside your front door, they tell customers that your location offers delivery so […]

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small business marketing ideas

25 Low Cost Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

By · Small Business Marketing

Websites, social media, print advertising – all great marketing ideas for your small business that sound like they’d be really low cost, right? But just as soon as you fire up the computer or inquire on print ads, those thousands of dollars start to add up! But you’re a small business, you don’t have the budget that a big corporation does nor the time to try out random marketing tactics to see if they work. You need low cost marketing with a high ROI. Things that actually bring customers through your front door and increase sales. This is where these ideas come in. Here is a list of 25 low cost marketing ideas to help small businesses boost sales Start with the Customers Ask for referrals from the customers you already have A quick phone call or email to your happy customers works wonders at generating referrals. You’d want more customers like your happy, delightful ones right? Go to them to ask for their referrals. Many times, it won’t necessarily result in anything the first time you ask, so add these folks into a follow up every couple months or so to check in again. Upsell or cross sell existing […]

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7 Money-Saving Tips for Launching a Business

By · Small Business Marketing

Congratulations, you’re getting a business off the ground. All the planning and projecting is in the works. And the costs are adding up. Before you watch any more money drain out of your new venture, get the ins and outs of how to save money when you launch a business. One search for how to launch a business and you’ll likely find more guides and ideas than you ever thought possible. Some are ‘cheap’ or ‘free’ or ‘low cost’. But let’s face it, launching a business costs a lot of money. A good chunk of it is unavoidable. But the good news is that some of the costs can be trimmed. Take these tips for cutting the right corners and maximizing your bottom line. Money Savings Tips for Launching a Business Be vigilant about what money is coming in and where the money going out is actually going. 1. Use low cost phone numbers Gone are the days of limited choice when it comes to phone service. With online phone number providers, you can set up a business phone number in a matter of minutes. And if you utilize a remote workforce, they can all be added to your phone […]

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120 grand opening ideas

120 Grand Opening Ideas for Record Breaking Success

By · Grand Openings

Whether it’s your first location or your 20th, opening a new business is a mountain-load of work so by the time opening day comes, it’s been in the works for what seems like forever. But as far as marketing and promotions go, it’s just the start.

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boosting sales fall shopping custom inflatables

Ideas for Boosting Sales This Fall Shopping Season (Retail and Beyond!)

By · Advertising Tips

Any business owner or marketer would agree, Fall shopping season is the time of year everyone watching the revenue numbers looks forward to. But just as sales heat up, so does competition. With deals, special offers and discounts flying right and left, making your location stand out from the crowd requires some creative ideas for boosting sales that not only increases revenue, but does it in the most cost effective way possible! Here are some ways to position your location as the mecca for hungry, on-the-go or deal-seeking shoppers… Announce a sale Advertising a sale in an online ad is one thing, but advertising it on an Adversail™ flag, right at your location opens up an entirely new target market. They are the ones that are out and about already and primed to make a right hand turn right then and there. It’s instant ROI. This sale message is right at eye level so customers can’t miss it. Give them something for free Take a grand opening a step further and make a larger than life statement of what would attract customers to your location. Something that makes them Ooo and Ahh and get excited to stop in. There are […]

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