customer email list

You’ve Built a Customer Email List, Now What Do You Send Them?

By · Small Business Marketing

You’ve done all the hard work of collecting potential customer emails and built up a strong customer email list. So what exactly do you do with this list now?

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things you didn't know about car wrap advertising 1

5 Things About Car Wrap Advertising that May Surprise You

By · Small Business Marketing

  We’ve all seen cars driving around that are covered with an advertising message, but have you ever thought about actually investing in one for your own business?

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Ideas for Keeping your Small Business Marketing Budget from Exploding

By · Small Business Marketing

  Worried your small business doesn’t have the budget for fantastic marketing? You shouldn’t be! It’s surprising how simple and cost-effective marketing has become now that we live in a digitalized age. These days it’s fairly simple to create great small business marketing with a low budget.

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tactics to outsmart your competition

6 Tactics You can Use Right Now to Outsmart Your Restaurant Competition

By · Small Business Marketing

  In the current economy, competition in every type of market is fierce. People are clinging to the little bit of money they have, so it’s vital for every business whose goods are outside the necessities spectrum to better both their direct and indirect competition. For restaurants, you need to know your competition well and do everything in your power to outsmart them. The six tactics below are sure to give you the leg up indispensable to current and future success.

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14 Amazing Outdoor Marketing Displays and Why They Work

By · Advertising Campaigns

At the core of every physical marketing strategy are two important goals. First, it’s important to get some attention with your display. Second, businesses need to target their goods’ customers. This can be done in so many ways. Below are 15 displays from events, shops, booths at craft fairs or farmers markets, and other businesses that used both these approaches successfully.

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small business marketing ideas

7 Small Business Marketing Ideas on a Budget

By · Small Business Marketing

With the current changes in world economy, and especially in the U.S., it’s no wonder small businesses are tightening their budgets. Consumers have less to spend. This means that not only does a business need to market more than ever to garner interest in their goods, but they also need to create a sense of loyalty from their existing customers. Not easy to do on a thread-thin budget, right? Wrong. Here is a list of ideas to help small businesses to maintain adequate marketing without emptying the bank.

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