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How Air Ad Promotions Supports the Top 5 Seasonal Marketing Opportunities

By · Advertising Campaigns

The holidays have officially kicked off and we are in full swing for sales and seasonal marketing opportunities. As a marketer, determining the best combination of timing, delivery and content is a task you know all too well. There are always trends and new releases to consider and how each strategy you execute will impact the consumer – either in a positive or negative way. At Air Ad Promotions, supporting seasonal marketing strategies is just one way we step in to help you encourage consumer spending. The other way is with eye popping and attractive outdoor advertising products. Holiday and Seasonal Marketing Ideas and Opportunities Black Friday Not only is Black Friday a great time to take advantage of this already highly publicized marketing opportunity, it also means customers are on the lookout for deals and special offers. That’s where an advertising flag comes in. Take your message to the street so everyone passing by won’t miss your Black Friday specials. Small Business Saturday What if you aren’t marketing for a Small Business? There are still ways to tie in to this promotion, even if you market for a nationwide chain. One idea, use an advertising balloon to show off […]

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How Retailers Can Get Customers in the Door in 2018

By · News & Updates

  If you’re responsible for marketing a local, regional or national retail chain, you probably spend a good amount of time optimizing your marketing efforts. Between deciding where to spend your marketing dollars and tracking ROI, executing a marketing strategy is a tight combination of growth and effectiveness mixed together. At Air Ad Promotions, we spend a large part of our time suggesting ways to enhance our client’s marketing efforts in the most cost effective manner possible. We do this for a couple reasons… one, promotions that are cost effective save marketing budget dollars. And two, marketing campaigns that are enhanced with decision point marketing products see results immediately. What are the Makings of a Successful Retail Marketing Campaign? The success or failure of a marketing campaign can be measured in many ways, but for our clients, success rests in sales. A successful retail marketing campaign brings more traffic and more sales to the store. As an example, we’ll look at two companies that could benefit from a marketing strategy that is all-inclusive. In other words, the marketing strategy optimizes every touch point that a customer would have with the company. Rent-A-Center Rent-A-Center is in a perfect position to catapult […]

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[Infographic] 6 Ways to Attract Customers to Your Quick Service Restaurant

By · Advertising Tips

Getting your location noticed these days is hard. From distracted drivers to fierce competition, attracting the attention of your target audience requires you to be noticeable. How do you do that with 10 other QSR’s on your street all vying for the same thing? You do it by thinking outside of the box, doing something unusual and attention grabbing.   Want to see more useful tips and fun stories about inflatables? Sign up for our newsletter list!  

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Rethink your Marketing this Holiday Shopping Season

By · Small Business Marketing

As summer winds down, holiday shopping season moves into the playing field. Before long, tv ads, social media posts and emails will be in frenzy mode for holiday marketing. While online marketing contributes to ad blindness, the right messages at the right time contribute to ad AWARENESS.

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Set your Limited-Time-Offers Up for Higher ROI than Ever Before

By · Advertising Campaigns

Your marketing team has spent weeks, maybe even months getting the campaign ready. The social media team is ready, the banner ads are done and the press releases are just about to go out. All the details have been planned out for hitting record setting numbers. When this limited-time offer campaign is released, it will show such high ROI that your marketing team will be the hero’s.

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How Do You Advertise an Event on a Tight Budget?

By · Event Tips

Few things determine how successful an event is than the attendance numbers. To get high numbers, promotion, marketing and advertising all need to come together. This gets tricky when you have a tight budget with high ROI goals. Fortunately, there are many tools to help you spread the word cost effectively.

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