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Announcing the First Air Ad Promotions Grand Opening Giveaway

By · Grand Openings

Every once in a while, a contest is so good, you can’t help but share it with everyone around you. This is one of those contests. To celebrate our 28th year of serving local, regional and national companies, Air Ad Promotions is giving away an entire Grand Opening Package. And our Grand Opening Packages aren’t just greetings and smiles (though those are always included too!). But this Grand Opening Package comes with all the products you’ll need to attract attention to YOUR new location. When we celebrate, we celebrate in a big way and your celebration should be big too. And because we like to give back, even if you don’t win the Grand Opening Package, you have a chance to win the runner-up prize… a set of THREE 15’ Adversail™ flags! So the odds are in your favor.   Follow the link below and get your entry submitted today – you could be the winner of our first ever giveaway! Get Noticed with the Air Ad Promotions $2,400 Grand Opening Package

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year end marketing budget

5 Ways to Put your Year End Marketing Budget to Good Use

By · Advertising Tips

As the year draws to an end, many marketing departments and marketers in particular, are feeling the year end crunch. Marketing budgets are scrutinized and plans are reviewed for the coming year. While saving money is always a good thing, not capitalizing on your full budget may mean losing it for the coming year.

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10 Inflatable Advertising Products and What They Can Do For Your Business

By · Inflatable Products

For a business with a physical location, the words ‘boost foot traffic’ are all too familiar. More traffic, more sales, higher ticket average – the demands list goes on and on. Fortunately, in the inflatable advertising space, there are products that will bring you more customers than you ever thought possible.

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grand opening advertising flags

Top 4 Advertising Flag Messages for a New Store Opening

By · Advertising Tips

When you’re opening a new store or new location, just getting the interior of the store ready for business is an all-consuming task. And while the interior is a critical component of a good first impression, the exterior is what customers notice first. It’s your brand’s first opportunity to really grab attention and get customers to make a right hand turn into your parking lot. And one of the most powerful ways to do that is with advertising flags.

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announcing a rebranding

From Start to Finish: How to Announce a Rebranding Without Losing Customers

By · Product Launches

For a company’s forward-thinking leaders, nothing spells disaster like an unsuccessful rebranding. Whether it’s due to lack of planning, execution, or just an unexpected downshift in the market, a rebranding gone amiss leads to a web of customer confusion and slumping sales. Fortunately, the majority of the time, rebrandings are successful and deliver on their (re)brand promise.

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vehicle advertising grass roots ideas

12 Grass Roots Ideas to Skyrocket your Local Store Marketing Efforts

By · Advertising Tips

Are you looking for innovative ways to establish a grass roots connection between your business and your local neighborhood? Here are a few tips on how to boost your local store marketing: 1.Calendars and pens for customers One of the best ways to spread word about your business is by giving away free items. In particular, freebies such as pens and calendars are widely used and often prominently exposed by customers in their homes and offices, making them a great grass roots idea for marketing. Just ask Huntington Bank about their pen marketing. 2.Loyalty program A great way to infiltrate a local market and compete with more recognized brands with a national presence is by establishing a loyalty program. The type of program depends on your business, but it could range from being as simple as a stampable paper card to a plastic card allowing the customer to accumulate points. For more ideas about loyalty programs, take some tips from Menchies or Hungry Howie’s. 3.Advertising flags Sometimes establishing a presence in your local market requires making a physical mark. When a local bakery wanted to make a splash with their grand opening, a row of advertising flags was just the […]

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