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How Do You Advertise an Event on a Tight Budget?

By · Event Tips

Few things determine how successful an event is than the attendance numbers. To get high numbers, promotion, marketing and advertising all need to come together. This gets tricky when you have a tight budget with high ROI goals. Fortunately, there are many tools to help you spread the word cost effectively.

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How to Increase Customer Loyalty (and Engagement) using Decision Point Marketing

By · News & Updates

Increasing customer loyalty. As simple as it sounds, it is one of the biggest ways to increase profits and grow sales. For marketers, it translates to ‘a sure fire way to stay on the radar of a target market already overloaded with advertising.’ And if that didn’t get you excited, did you know that repeat customers spend on average, 67% more than new customers? And existing customers are 50% more likely to try new products. 50%! That means that 1 in every 2 of the repeat customers that make the decision to return to your business will buy your new product offering.

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Be Seen at a Price You can be Happy About with Custom Tents

By · Advertising Tips

How many store fronts are there along your street? Probably dozens. Dozens of competitors, all trying their best to attract attention and get customers in their front door. Fortunately for you, you have a secret weapon that will attract attention to your location and boost your sales quicker than your competitors can post an update on Twitter. Custom Tents for your next event (or not) A custom tent by Air Ad Promotions gets people buzzing and entices everyone to stop in and see what you have going on. (And here’s little trick – you don’t actually have to have anything going on to use them!) That’s right – tents can be used as a ‘just because’ item…. Just because you are having a sale on some inventory items that need to go or just because you have a special on a sandwich and just because you want to get customers in to your location. ‘Just because’ is reason enough! Any time of year – for all promotions Spring, summer, winter or fall, anytime is a good time for a custom tent. The tent frame from Air Ad Promotions is a durable, pop-up style that will withstand wind, sun and rain. […]

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Announcing the First Air Ad Promotions Grand Opening Giveaway

By · Grand Openings

Every once in a while, a contest is so good, you can’t help but share it with everyone around you. This is one of those contests. To celebrate our 28th year of serving local, regional and national companies, Air Ad Promotions is giving away an entire Grand Opening Package. And our Grand Opening Packages aren’t just greetings and smiles (though those are always included too!). But this Grand Opening Package comes with all the products you’ll need to attract attention to YOUR new location. When we celebrate, we celebrate in a big way and your celebration should be big too. And because we like to give back, even if you don’t win the Grand Opening Package, you have a chance to win the runner-up prize… a set of THREE 15’ Adversail™ flags! So the odds are in your favor.   Follow the link below and get your entry submitted today – you could be the winner of our first ever giveaway! Get Noticed with the Air Ad Promotions $2,400 Grand Opening Package

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year end marketing budget

5 Ways to Put your Year End Marketing Budget to Good Use

By · Advertising Tips

As the year draws to an end, many marketing departments and marketers in particular, are feeling the year end crunch. Marketing budgets are scrutinized and plans are reviewed for the coming year. While saving money is always a good thing, not capitalizing on your full budget may mean losing it for the coming year.

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10 Inflatable Advertising Products and What They Can Do For Your Business

By · Inflatable Products

For a business with a physical location, the words ‘boost foot traffic’ are all too familiar. More traffic, more sales, higher ticket average – the demands list goes on and on. Fortunately, in the inflatable advertising space, there are products that will bring you more customers than you ever thought possible.

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