ways to show your customers how much you care

14 Ways to Show Your Customers How Much You Care This Holiday Season

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The fourth quarter of 2015 officially hit every American business recently. Holiday and end-of-year marketing strategies have been formed to reach new customers and increase sales. In addition to these plans, thanking loyal or past customers is also something to keep on the horizon. From major clients to the community at large that supported you, now is a great time to consider ways to show you care. Budget and scope will have an impact on what you choose to do, so consider both as you check out these suggestions.

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decision point marketing

What is Decision Point Marketing and how can you leverage it in your next event or promotion?

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Marketing often takes on the illusive form of the future. Your campaign details the strategies, upcoming projects and promotions. This structure lays as a foundation, a projection of ideal outcomes, a plan to map out what you hope illicits a response from both loyal and new customers. Unfortunately, it can’t predict how people will respond. It can’t guarantee success or even influence it in a tangible way.

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business strategy guides

15 Essential B2B Advertising Strategy Guides

By · Advertising Tips

If you’re looking to take your business-to-business marketing to the next level, now might be the perfect chance to invest some time in solid reading material and make a plan. The fifteen guides linked below are a comprehensive set of resources, from generalized marketing strategies to select sectors or advertising types. Some are in-depth articles, others are eBooks that require a download. Either way, they will ensure you plan a successful B2B advertising strategy.

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Amber Gueiros sales Air Ad Promotions

Interview with Amber Gueiros, Business Development with Air Ad Promotions

By · News & Updates

Without amazing people to manage customer accounts, we would not be the company we are today. We’d like to introduce you to Amber Gueiros. Amber is on our very talented business development team at Air Ad Promotions. She’ll tell you what its like to work at Air Ad Promotions and why following your gut can make a huge difference!

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advertising facts and stats

37 Retail Advertising Facts and Stats

By · News & Updates

The U.S. retail industry is revving up for the holiday season as well as getting next year’s marketing plans finalized. Here are some interesting facts and figures to see where advertising and marketing dollar spend are the most beneficial. After all, getting familiar with trends that have panned out, keeping a close eye on others that haven’t and getting insights into what next year’s marketing should look like, is a major part of a successful 2016.

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20 holiday advertising stats

20 Holiday Advertising Stats for 2015 Worth Celebrating

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Now that September is in full swing, holiday season marketing plans are getting ramped up. Businesses across all industries, from retail to restaurants get a nice sales boost when this time of year rolls around. And just how good of a boost you might be wondering… if these numbers are any indication, the last couple quarters of the year seem to increase every year. And with good reason, the marketing spend does too.

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