native advertising key takeaways

17 Key Takeaways from Native Advertising

By · Advertising Campaigns

Native Advertising, also known as “in stream advertising”, is a sponsored post that mimics the platform it’s placed on. Whether that’s in form or style of the platform or topic related, it blends so well that clickers often don’t realize what they’re reading is advertising.

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colorful add-on

The Bright, Colorful Add-On for Your Marketing Strategy

By · Event Tips

There is one thing that no promotion can be without. No, not balloons (though they are important). Not giveaways either…. It’s something that compliments all the promo items you have and states your message clearly in an impactful way. It’s the wonderful world of vinyl.

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custom inflatable balloons

12 Epic Events Begging for Custom Inflatable Balloons

By · Inflatable Products

Nothing gets you noticed more than a one-of-a-kind inflatable balloon. The bright colors, huge size, and general joviality they whip up in your neighborhood or event create a unique visual brand. Despite this and the fun process of designing a custom inflatable balloon, many businesses aren’t sure how best to utilize them. Consider these twelve occasions to help you brainstorm other great ways your business can benefit from custom inflatable balloons.

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attention grabbing sign

Got an Attention Grabbing Sign? Here are 9 Ways to Tell

By · Grand Openings

Customers assume a lot of things from a business’s sign, such as level of professionalism, type of atmosphere, and affordability. No wonder the International Sign Association claims that signs can be responsible for half, that’s 50%, of your customers. It makes sense though. It wasn’t long ago that you stopped at a new restaurant or shop after noticing their signage, huh? Or maybe you had to stop for a sale when you saw the fun window decal that offered a sale you couldn’t ignore. That’s why this fundamental part of any business’s marketing strategy should be well thought-out and executed. Here are nine tips to help you know what and what not to do when it comes to signs so you can maximize customers.

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restaurants can teach us about creative advertising

21 Things Restaurants Can Teach You about Creative Advertising

By · Advertising Campaigns

The food industry started long before businesses needed permits to operate, and is one quickly gaining a respectable ranking in top commerce worldwide. Competition is fierce and creativity is needed to make advertising worthwhile, so restaurants know all about what marketing works and what doesn’t. Here are 21 things restaurants big and small can teach you about creative and effective advertising.

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[Slideshare] 4 Essential Products to Promote Your Grand Opening

By · Grand Openings

If you’re planning the ultimate grand opening for your business or even a new location in your business’s expansion, we’ve got great options to help you promote it locally. This slide show will dive into the details of four products and how they will make your big event packed with prospects and a raving success!  

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