small businesses can learn from tube dancers  

What can Businesses Learn about Capturing Attention from Tube Dancers?

Small Business Marketing


On any given day as you drive to where ever you are headed, there’s a good chance you will pass by a brightly colored and waving friendly face. No, not a neighbor – a tube dancer at a local business. These simple yet attention grabbing inflatables are becoming a staple in the marketing strategy of brick-and-mortar businesses because they are cost effective, easy to install, and really work.

Tube dancers have many names including wind puppets, wind dancers, air dancers, and sky dancers. They range in size, style, and color depending on their intended audience. The puppet base is attached to a fan, which offers an air current as a bendy, constantly moving spine for it. They do their job well, and can give businesses some insight on using these three marketing components for other marketing needs.

Bright Colors

The most common colors you’ll find wind dancers in are red and yellow. These color choices are not random. Both red and yellow stimulate our minds and bodies, making heart rate increase and focus sharpen. As the Spanish Architect Antoni Gaudi stated, “Color in certain places has the great value of making the outlines and structural planes seem more energetic.” (

That is exactly the magic of tube dancers. They’re a bright spot of eye-catching real estate that makes passer-byers sit up and take notice. Marketers can easily translate this into other parts of their advertising plans. Bright colored displays, tinted lighting, and even signs and fixtures with a dose or two of stimulating hues will direct customer attention to specific products or services. Creating logos with them will help plant your businesses information in consumers’ minds. Color is a universal language that can be leveraged for profit.


Just as color works in our bodies, movement ignites physical responses. The perception of movement is part of our survival instincts. Blood pumps and adrenaline elevates, stimulating a need to react. That reaction depends on the type of movement perceived.

The semi-realistic sway of a tube dancer offers a comfortable way to connect with those who see it. This translates into their attention without the negative facets of their response. How can that convert into other marketing? Consider using similar movements or lines that convey it in the art or pictures on your store walls or in marketing logos. When your customers feel the energy, they tend to reciprocate it in the form of sales.

Friendly Faces

tube dancer

Just as energy seems contagious, so too are smiles. The welcoming faces of air dancers often induce smiles on those who see them. This grin connects a positive response to the business that put the air dancer there. “Great customer service [is] easy to do, inexpensive, and generate[s] an immediate positive image of the store. Step one is a simple smile and a hello when someone walks in the door,” said Glenn Muske, Enterprise Development Specialist at the North Dakota State University Center for Community Vitality. The tube dancers give small businesses a chance to create that service before the customer enters the building.

Of course, the tube dancer should be reflecting the people you hire to greet customers who’ve already been softened by the tube dancer. When customers receive sincere smiles, their satisfaction radically increases.

Add it All Together

The joy, movement and colors of tube dancers harmonize to give any business a boost in noticeability and ultimately, more customers. If you can utilize all you learn from how the air dancers grab attention, you are sure to increase your marketing impact.

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