how to create the biggest grand opening ever  

How to Create the Biggest Grand Opening Ever

Grand Openings

Introducing your business to its community in a big way will lay the foundation for its overall success. When you put your best foot forward, your neighbors and future clients will notice. We’ve gathered a list of ways to make sure your Grand Opening is everything your business needs to thrive.

Plan Ahead

Famous NASCAR driver Bobby Unser said, “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.” In the case of your grand opening, he is right on track. The further in advance you plan, the more likely your big day or night will be the biggest and best it can be. When you have the time to invite people to your event, book services to accent it, and plan everything well, it will go on without a hitch.

Know Your Attendees

Knowing your target attendees will help you make a million decisions prior to the Grand Opening. It can determine types of refreshments, kinds of activities and entertainment, services you may offer during the party, and how you advertise the big night. For example, you don’t want to serve fancy French cuisine for a children’s book store grand opening. Your tyke size patrons would rather have chicken nuggets, and their parents will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Advertise locally and diversely

advertise locally
Cast out your largest advertising net. The bigger and better you spread the word, the larger and finer your event’s attendance will be. Don’t skip any opportunity: Newspaper ads, radio commercials, community and public message boards, flyers on every telephone pole and business window. Set up a booth at farmer’s markets, business fairs, and community events. Shake hands, hand out cards, donate to community projects and speak at community gatherings. Put a big balloon or banner on the building or nearby long before the Grand Opening starts. The more the community recognizes you prior to the Grand Opening, the more likely they will be to attend.

Create an Online Presence

If social media is not yet in your marketing strategy, it’s recommended you make it happen. The internet is an important part of the economy these days, and it gives you a great opportunity to connect with clients before the Grand Opening occurs. Twitter, Facebook, and a company blog or website (even if minimal) can get your business some serious attention. That interest translates to recognition, and eventually, clientele for that special event.

Plan for Attendees Convenience

This is a tip we are happy to repeat. If you want the Grand Opening to be stuffed from wall to wall with community members, you need to make sure it’s held when those people are available. Consider work schedules, family dynamics, and other events or holidays on the calendar. Set the time and date to be unobtrusive to any of these things to ensure a good turnout.

To Hearts through the Stomach

grand opening food
It’s important to keep the attendees happy, and a full belly accomplishes that. As stated above, choose offerings that curb to your attendees and be sure you have enough. Leftovers are wonderful, but lacking food tables will leave visitors with a bad taste in their mouth.

Have Entire Staff on Hand to Offer on-the-spot Services

Your business’s success is partially hinged on how well your employees engage with clients. Having the entire staff on hand not only gives them practice at customer service, but gives the attendees a true feel for your business’s ambiance. That authenticity will secure return guests.

Give Gifts

Everyone loves getting something with gratitude. Offering goodie bags, discounts, giveaways, or even something as simple as a pencil with your contact information printed on it. Small gestures will make your guests happy. Bonus: now when they think of a need your business can provide, they can dig around their desk drawer, find the item you gave them, and give you a call right away.

Keep Visitors Busy

Not having anything for people to do once they show up can make your Grand Opening as flat and forgettable as a plain crepe. Something as modest as a few speeches, a ribbon cutting ceremony, or little stations to check out various facets of your services can make all the difference.

Create Atmosphere with Music

Music is a great way to keep your Grand Opening guests entertained. If you can find a local or well-known band, so much the better. Again, cater the style of music to your business. If you own a spa, don’t have rock music thumping the walls. A harpist or DJ who can mix nature sounds and calming tunes is your best bet.

All these things can add up to a wonderful and successful Grand Opening event you can be proud of, and that guests will talk about for months. For more ideas, visit 15 Insanely Useful Tips for Promoting Your Event.

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