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What Dances, Bops and Jumps Yet Never Leaves Its Spot?

Inflatable Products

Though outdoor advertising dates back as far as markets and signs do, the tube dancer is a relatively modern marketing tool. Originally, these tube-shaped, extra tall inflatable men were designed by a team from Trinidad and Tabago Company. The team lead artist Peter Minshall conceptualized it for the closing ceremonies of the 1996 Summer Olympics, and his co-leader Israeli artist Doron Gazit went on to patent what they then called their “tall boy”. This inflatable dancing human shaped balloon ownership was soon sold to various marketing companies, including the most well-known for expanding its popularity: Air Dancers.

Why has this sporadic moving balloon become a staple for outdoor marketing of special events and businesses? A number of factors contribute to its wide spread use. Firstly, they are super easy to set up and break down. The tube of durable material is attached to a large fan whose air currents create the motion of the dancer, which is why they have so many fun names such as wind dancer, sky guys, or fly guy. Once their mission is complete, it’s as simple as detaching the tube, folding it up, and stashing it for the next use.

In addition to being user friendly, tube dancers really do get the marketing results companies crave. Their energetic movements, friendly faces, and bright colors grab customer attention and get your business noticed nearly 100% of the time. Depending on placement and traffic near your locations, this means tube dancers are getting more people to pay attention, more people to take note of your store or promotion, and getting you more sales. As long as they are up, they are working. Even if you store is closed, these cheerful figures are helping anyone that passes by be aware of your storefront and what you have to offer them.

Lastly, tube dancers are a marketing must-have because unlike most other marketing options, they are budget satisfying. The sturdy material, usually polyester or nylon, lasts for a month or more of non-stop advertising. This means that if you are using it for a single, limited event or sale, you can most likely use it again for the next. No other ad you put in media or online can do that!

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While the primary use of tube dancers (and the reason we offer them!) is to aid businesses in their marketing strategies, there have been some extremely unique uses of tube dancers since their invention. A New York Winery used these colorful movers like a scarecrow to ward off birds that were persistently destroying his crops. (Source: The Wall Street Journal). They’ve welcomed an alien to Earth in the animated film Escape from Planet Earth, and these “Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Men” were overstocked at Al Harrington’s warehouse on the hit TV series Family Guy. Likewise, in FX’s hit sitcom It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 6 Episode 3, The Gang Buys a Boat complete with an inflatable man that teaches Dee some dance moves:

Sky guys have also been utilized on parade floats, guarding entrances to museums, and clung to city structures. These instances may be what led some cities to banish the tall and bopping buds, claiming they “adversely affect the aesthetic environment.” (Don’t worry, we know just where sky guys are allowed and which permits, if any, are needed. Give us a call to find out more!)

It’s plain to see that tube dancers have made a lasting impression on the world, especially businesses that can utilize them for gain. If you intend to get some attention and draw customers into your door, then consider the welcoming face of a 20 foot tall smiling tube man. We can help you get started!

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