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What is Decision Point Marketing and how can you leverage it in your next event or promotion?

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Marketing often takes on the illusive form of the future. Your campaign details the strategies, upcoming projects and promotions. This structure lays as a foundation, a projection of ideal outcomes, a plan to map out what you hope illicits a response from both loyal and new customers. Unfortunately, it can’t predict how people will respond. It can’t guarantee success or even influence it in a tangible way.

How do you meet customers as they make a final decision with their dollars?

With Decision Point Marketing.

What is decision point marketing?

Decision point marketing does the foot work for your marketing plan. It works your marketing strategies on the ground floor in real time. By utilizing our products, you can reach customers as they are making a final decision on where to eat lunch, where to get their vehicle’s oil changed, or who has the best drink specials.

Reach Customers at the Decision Point

A flag or inflatable is just thing to reel in customers in when they are making their very last decision point of investment. Dressing up a store front or event with outdoor advertising can greatly influence that decision. Several studies on the influence of advertising flags, hot air balloons, and custom inflatables found that just shy of 100% of people notice and respond to them. Adding your company’s promotion or branding to them can guarantee what all the best-intentioned ads can’t: results.

Let’s look at an example. Adam just got his Friday paycheck. He spends 80% of it on bills, another 5% on a haircut and food. It’s been a long week and he’s ready to have an evening out. Now he needs to decide where to go for some music and some affordable drinks. He has a favorite place, but as he’s driving there, a big balloon with a “Grand Opening $2 drafts” banner catches his eye. He’s at a decision point: Continue to old faithful or call his buddies and try out this new place? Chances are, the big balloon did its job, and the grand opening gives Adam and his friends a great service experience. He’ll be back. Conversion achieved.

This scenario can be played out in a myriad of ways, from a Mom planning a birthday party and seeing a flag claiming a restaurant has a party room available… to an event planner that sees a balloon boasting that they cater. According to Marty Buckholt…

The bottom line is business depends on reaching customers when they are about to decide where they’ll be spending their hard earned cash.

Decision Point Marketing relies on products that grab attention in that moment, that change the course of dollars’ journey. Use a flag to help push marketing campaigns to the street and in front of the people who are driving by. Erect a balloon to promote your major sale or irresistible promotion. Getting noticed at the perfect moment will make all the difference for your business.

How Can Decision Point Marketing Work for You?

Decision Point Marketing can be a prime part of your advertising. Consider what messages your target customers will respond to, what your specific locations have to offer within their community that will bring in customers. Whether that’s a grand opening, sale, major promotion, a party room, catering, drink or appetizer specials, new management, or just a really awesome product, our team can help with your decision point marketing needs.

To find out just how your location can benefit from outdoor inflatable advertising, contact one of our business development reps today. Fill out this form and they’ll be in touch with you shortly!


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