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Air Ad Promotions takes your event, show or product announcement and magnifies it so the whole surrounding area simply cannot miss whats going on.

From design to installation to maintenance, we go the ‘Final Mile’ for your event or promotion.

  • Grand Openings – by far the most important initial event of a company; we make sure your new customers remember it.
  • Re-Openings / Remodels – celebrate a change to your business with an eye popping inflatable balloon or pennant strings or cloud buster.
  • Promotional Events – drawing in a crowd is easy with a fun, crowd pleaser collection of inflatable arches, tent, and life size products.
  • Hiring – get more exposure for your hiring event with a collection of Adversail flags.
  • Sports and Games – high school, college or professional, we make your event more fun by handling everything from signage to interactive shoot out games. Fun included.
  • Trade Shows – attract attention to your booth with an Adversail flag or a sturdy tent; add in a banner and you will be the talk of the show.
  • Vendor Fairs – people will stop and notice you when you have interesting stuff to talk about; make your event worth it with an Adversail, tent, banner, or tube dancer .
  • Festivals – planning and executing events is our specialty; do you need a tube dancer or a balloon? where should the tent go? We take care of the details.
  • Community Events – get your community out and about with your best tool for attracting attention – a fun, smile worthy balloon or custom shaped inflatable.
  • Fundraisers – raising money for a cause takes a lot of work behind the scenes; we can take some of that work off your shoulders with helping you plan marketing and advertising.
  • New Product Announcements – new products need new marketing! We make sure you hit the right market and just the right time with our campaigns.
  • Holiday Events – pumpkin patches, christmas tree lots, winter wonderland displays… they get more traffic if they have bright searchlights leading the way or fun tube dancers dancing the day away.
  • Nationwide Events – need help with something on a larger scale? We have the ability to handle any size event – from the one balloon size event to one with 100’s of balloons across the country.
  • Branding – any high traffic location is an ideal spot for a business to further its brand; we  can create larger than life replicas to bring a wow factor to your brand.
  • Product Launch – imagine launching your product with vehicle wraps proclaiming your new product release to the community, and everywhere you drive
  • New Services – offering a new service to your customers is big news, worthy of a banner, balloon, tent or tube dancer, or maybe something different; we can work with you to create the perfect announcement.
  • New Food Items for Restaurants – something new in your restaurant calls for some new marketing; a smile inducing tube dancer or classy Adversail announces your new offering in a big way
  • Corporate events – events large and small get the kind of attention you’d expect from a company thats been in business for over 25 years; from planning to installations to servicing, we’re here for you.
  • Charity events – need something to show off your sponsors? A great big balloon can do that. Raising money at a gala? A custom designed piece might be just what you need to turn heads and raise more money.


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