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What type of events can you help me with?

We handle any event, any size, any occasion… from grand openings to store remodels, we take our motto, “We Get You Noticed” seriously! We can even help you with marketing seasonal events and new product releases.

What if I want an all-in-one package – Can you do custom packages?

Absolutely! Call or send us an email and we can create the advertising package to really wow your customers! Just let us know how what you have in mind.

Am I allowed to put outdoor advertising up in my city?

We can find out! We have an extensive database of zoning requirements for nearly every area in the U.S. We also work with any required permits not listed in our database.

What about a project on a nationwide scale –  do you have the ability to handle that?

Yes, when you work with Air Ad Promotions, you have 25 years of experience and a national team of installers coordinating your event. We’ve executed over 100,000 promotional events – large, small and medium sized.

Do you work with landlords?

We do! We are your one stop event advertising company! From getting the ok from your landlord to set up and installation, we make sure every detail of your event is professionally managed and executed.

Can you help me determine which type of decoration is best for my company?

We can! We are your partner’s in making your company stand out! We work with you – first our account reps gather information about you and your event. Then they work within your budget to make it happen. We have a 25+ year history of assisting businesses from large, National and Regional Retail and Restaurant Chains to smaller, local businesses. Give us a call today to discuss how we can help you.


What is the standard lead-time to execute an event from start to finish?

Ideally, 7 – 10 days for adequate planning, designing and turn around time.

We understand how today’s marketplace often demands that new products and announcements require a quick turn around. The best thing to do in cases like these is to give us a call. We will work with you to make sure your event gets up and running as quickly as possible.

I have a rush event – Can you help me pull it together in less than 10 days?

Yes we can! Rush fees may apply however.

Do you have a minimum quantity when it comes to placing orders?

There is no minimum required except for sealed air inflatables. We understand that each company has unique needs for our inflatables. Keeping that in mind, we do not require a minimum when placing an order.

I’m part of a franchise group, where do I find my webstore to order from?

Send us an email and we will be glad to help you out!

Do I lease, buy or rent?

All of the above! Different needs for different events, different people. We will work with you.

Can you handle non traditional installations?

Yes, we have the experience to handle virtually any type of building installation.

Do you work with non-profit companies?

Absolutely! Give us a call and we would be happy to see how we can help you.

Do you work with ad agencies?

Yes, all the time! We support them because they support the customers. We want them to look good too. We offer ideas and work with them to create a plan to maximize their customers real estate for both branding, products and event announcements.


What is an Adversail?

An Adversail is a promotional flag. They are one of our best selling products. Click here to find out more info on these advertising must-haves.

How do I know if an advertising balloon will even fit in my location?

The typical installation requires about 20 feet or 2 parking spaces. We’re happy to chat – Google Maps will often give us a better idea once we see it!

Do you have searchlights?

Yes, we have single and 4 beam searchlights available; please call for rates and availability.


What if something happens to my inflatable or at my site and its 1am in the morning? On a weekend.

Not to worry! You can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 day a year on our emergency line. Simply call 800-640-3660, leave a message, including your phone number and any details, and one of our Project Managers will get back in touch with you within an hour.


Do you offer specials on products?

Yes! We have ongoing promotions and even offer specials on certain products. Sign up below to receive our newsletter to get the full scoop!

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