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10 Ideas for Advertising a Hotel

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The problem with the hotel industry is the overwhelming competition. Aside from other hotels, you also have to compete with sites like Airbnb and other community based platforms.

So, to entice more guests, you have to cover every advertising option possible. Especially those that make your business STAND OUT from the herd.

Because it’s not enough to just open the doors… here are ten creative ideas to drive new business to your hotel!

Ideas for Advertising a Hotel

Adversail Advertising Flags

black and white advertising flag in front of a hotel

Subtle yet intriguing? Check.

With more hotels putting their eggs on digital marketing, these flags give you an edge. It gets your brand exposure in a medium where your competitors can’t or won’t.

Customizable, durable, portable, cost-effective, adversail flags are a great way to promote events. Or just as everyday advertising.

Let the eye-catching words like “promo” or “special offer” flutter in the wind 24/7. And expect to see an increase in interest, foot traffic, and bookings.  

It also comes in different sizes and shapes. So, whether you put it inside or outside your hotel–space won’t be a problem. 

Advertising Balloon

red and white advertising balloon on top of a roof

Every hotelier wants recognition. And to differentiate their business among others. We say, move beyond the usual strategy, and go BIG! 

Create your brand narrative. Put it in a 20-23 feet (in height) advertising balloon. And you’re ready to captivate EVERYONE under the sun. 

And by everyone, we mean everyone passing by (check out this infographic to see how many people actually pass by balloons every day!)    

Advertising balloons give out a fun and attractive vibe. Plus with the customizable banner, your message is clearly displayed.  

Wait and watch as your sales grow bigger than this balloon.

Tube Dancers

hoyel with a tube dancer in front

Anything that flies, or in this case dances with the wind, makes people curious. 

It wildly begs strollers’ attention from every direction in a playful way. 

Stick your logo or message on it. And let the classic, colorful tube dancer get your hotel’s message across. 

These tube or sky dancers are reusable, cost-effective, and durable. You can also customize it with your brand colors. They are also easy to maintain and install. 

Perfect for everything from simple events to full scale grand openings, tube dancers leave a lasting impression. 

Creatively communicating your hotel’s features might just be why your visitors choose to book today!  

Sidewalk Signs

hotel with an aframe sign out front

Your hotel is offering a booking special and a night of jazz.

That’s great!

But the question is, do your potential guests know?

In a cutthroat industry, signs are a must to attract as many eyeballs as possible.

From the sign out front to the ones pointing them where to park. Or where they can find the pool. Sidewalk signs improve your guests’ all-over hotel experience. 

Indeed, these signs are the silent customer service you need for your hotel today.  

Another good thing is that you only have to pay for an Air Ad Promotions sidewalk frame once, but you get to reap years of free advertising. 

Bandit Signs

hotel with a bandit sign out front

These simple signs are the best of both worlds – simple to set up and install yet perfect for conveying your messaging. Made of corrugated plastic, they’re water proof and resist fading. And since they sit low to the ground, they do great in windy areas. 

Bandit signs can be produced in virtually any size and in virtually any color scheme. Add your logo or branded message. Position them right at the front door to remind guests of your rewards program or new app or to grab breakfast while they’re your guest.

Custom Banners

red banner advertising a special at a hotel

First impressions matter. And guest experience starts long before your guests set foot inside your hotel.  A simple custom banner is more than enough to communicate a welcoming message to your guests. 

You can also use banners to upsell your hotel’s amenities. Or as an open invitation for an upcoming event. 

Hang them on key locations, such as your hotel’s entrance. Mount them on the ground or wall–depending on your preference. 

Want more tips? Have your custom banner’s graphics reflect your branding

Whatever purpose you have in mind, Air Ad Promotions will provide you with our expertise and a long-lasting and durable custom banner. Plus, installation methods to fit your needs.

Custom Inflatables

giant inflatable eagle mounted at a hotel

Because your brand deserves attention, give your audience something to talk about!

For your next event, get a big, fun, and exciting inflatable that delivers a loud and proud message, “we’re here!”

Choose your design, or let us help you figure out the details. We’ll then create your larger-than-life prop, ready for your next event!

Capture your attendees’ moments with your inflatable mascot (or product). Tag them online. And voila, instant exposure! 


3 red cloudbustrs flying high in the sky

Many hotels have the advantage of being several stories tall, but for the ones that aren’t 10 stories tall – these giant helium balloons are for you! These huge, 36″ round balloons are attached with a super long, 100′ pennant strand so potential guests can see your location from literally miles away.  

And since they’re available in many different combinations, I bet we have your brand’s color scheme!


set of green and white pennants in front of a hotel

These long, flapping strands do an excellent job of attracting potential guests to your location. They’re up to 100′ long and pairing several strands together creates an eye catching display that can be attached in a variety of ways. 

As with our other advertising products, these are available in colors to match your brand.

Custom Tents

hotel with a tent out front

Think tents are just for events? Not so! Using a custom tent is an excellent marketing tool for attracting people to your location – event or not! 

Branded tents are an excellent way to promote your brand, colors and logo. Set one up by the front door and offer cookies and water as people are checking in. Or set it up for your staff offering parking services. 

Air Ad Promotions offers easy-to-install water and UV-resistant tents made of high-quality material that resists tearing and fading. 

So you can focus on giving your customers a great experience and we can focus on providing the advertising tools you need. 


With the right advertising and marketing products, coupled with the right message, you’ll definitely gain an advantage over your competitors. 

And that translates to new and loyal customers to your doorstep.

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