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Ideas for Boosting Sales This Fall Shopping Season (Retail and Beyond!)

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Any business owner or marketer would agree, Fall shopping season is the time of year everyone watching the revenue numbers looks forward to. But just as sales heat up, so does competition. With deals, special offers and discounts flying right and left, making your location stand out from the crowd requires some creative ideas for boosting sales that not only increases revenue, but does it in the most cost effective way possible!

Here are some ways to position your location as the mecca for hungry, on-the-go or deal-seeking shoppers…

Announce a sale

boosting sales fall season advertising flags

Advertising a sale in an online ad is one thing, but advertising it on an Adversail™ flag, right at your location opens up an entirely new target market. They are the ones that are out and about already and primed to make a right hand turn right then and there.

It’s instant ROI.

This sale message is right at eye level so customers can’t miss it.

Give them something for free

boosting sales fall shopping custom inflatables

Take a grand opening a step further and make a larger than life statement of what would attract customers to your location. Something that makes them Ooo and Ahh and get excited to stop in.

There are thousands of potential customers passing by your location every day, a giant custom inflatable with a giant message on it gets you noticed and boosts foot traffic immediately.

Give them a break

boosting sales fall shopping season adversail advertising flags

If you have a business that makes consumers feel better or look better, you’ve got what they want! Take that message to the street and show them what you can do for them.

Customers love gift cards. Giving the gift of your service is something everyone should enjoy right?

Putting that message on a street side Adversail™ flag gets the word out, getting you the visibility you want and making a tired shopper eager to stop in.

Remind them

boosting sales fall season adversail flag

It may not be tax season yet, but a creatively crafted message reminding them about your location is all it takes to make them stop and say, ‘oh yeah’. Something unique goes a long way in getting customers attention and when you put a clever message out, they are more likely to remember you when they need you.

Relieve their worry

boosting sales fall shopping relieve worry

What concerns does your target market have? How do your marketing solve it?

Put your solution to their problems on a big 20’ advertising balloon that let’s them know why you are the one to turn to. Whether it’s an unbeatable offer or a product guarantee, when the answer to a customer’s concern is visible on a giant advertising balloon, foot traffic increases.


When Fall shopping season arrives, put the answer to your target market’s concerns right where they can see it – increase your visibility and watch your sales increase.

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