Ideas for Keeping your Small Business Marketing Budget from Exploding

Small Business Marketing


Worried your small business doesn’t have the budget for fantastic marketing? You shouldn’t be! It’s surprising how simple and cost-effective marketing has become now that we live in a digitalized age.
These days it’s fairly simple to create great small business marketing with a low budget. If you have a website, then you’re already dipping your toes into the online marketing pool! All you need to keep in mind is that whatever you do needs to be really effective and reach out to that wider audience that you know is out there.

Starting out can seem like a daunting task, however once you get into the swing of things you’ll soon realize that it isn’t quite as painful as you were expecting. And it’s also remarkably simple to keep your spending under control. To help you with your small business marketing, we’ve compiled our top five ideas to help you keep your marketing budget from exploding!

Get started with blogging

small business marketing budget

Having a company blog is a great way of portraying your business to the general public. It can be an excellent way to build up a rapport with your regular customers too, who will also be impressed to see you taking the time to engage with them. It’s also a good idea to link to blog posts on all of your social media channels to help drive that all important traffic towards it.

Ask for reviews

ask for reviews

People these days are using online customer reviews to help them make their decisions when it comes to buying products and service. It figures that the more good reviews you’re getting the better your sales will be. So you’ll be doing yourself a favor by ensuring favorable reviews feature at the top of your pages. Why not give your customers an incentive to leave positive reviews of their experience with you – these can be on your Facebook, Google+, Yelp or other such platforms. If you offer rewards or discounts to those who do this, then you will no doubt be flooded with great reviews on your social media!

Become a social media whizz

social media for small business

All you need is one Tweet, post or video to go viral and you’ll have opened up your company’s channels to a far wider audience than the one found on your doorstep. Even if you don’t want to open yourself up to international customers, more and more people are now spending time online, so social media is a great channel to use to engage with your current and potential customers in your area. Also equally important to note: listen to people on social media! If they have complaints then make sure you handle them swiftly and professionally. Don’t just leave them ignored for the whole web to see!

Get in local directories

small business marketing local directories

It’s free to be listed in most of the online directories; if you aren’t already in them, why not?! When your company is listed in the likes of Google+, Yelp and Foursquare then your brand will be constantly available for potential customers to discover. It’s extremely important to keep all published information – especially contact details – up to date and correct.

Find a local sponsorship

local sponsorship small business marketing

As soon as you involve yourself with your local community, your reputation will go through the roof! Local causes that are great to get involved with are charities, school and hospitals. Your face and brand will become known locally thanks to your good deeds; it also helps your intended audience so that you can get face to face with them and tell them just why your product or service is perfect for them!

So, as we’ve shown, there’s plenty of ways to jazz up the marketing for your small business, and what’s more, they’re not going to break the bank either. By implementing these great marketing ideas, you’ll be helping kick start your business’ growth and development!

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