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Interview with Amber Gueiros, Business Development with Air Ad Promotions

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Without amazing people to manage customer accounts, we would not be the company we are today. We’d like to introduce you to Amber Gueiros. Amber is on our very talented business development team at Air Ad Promotions. She’ll tell you what its like to work at Air Ad Promotions and why following your gut can make a huge difference!

Amber Gueiros, Air Ad Promotions

1) How long have you been at Air Ad?

3 years. I joined the Air Ad family on August 13, 2012.

2) What do you do?

I mainly project manage several national accounts, which keeps me pretty busy. I love working with the client from the corporate level down to each franchisee or owner and getting to know my customer. This way I can provide them with the products they are looking for and then assist them with ideas. My main goal is to provide outstanding customer service to all my customers! Good customer service is really important to me, and I feel it then reflects greatly upon Air Ad and what we stand for.
3) What does a typical day look like for you?

I always start off by checking and responding to emails that came in from the evening before. Then from there, in no particular order, I am scheduling event installs such as Grand Openings, doing ordinance reports which requires getting in touch with cities to see what signage they will allow, taking phone calls to answer questions and/or processing orders. Coordinating with graphics team and customer on customized orders.

Each day is different depending on what comes in as far as new orders or new events to schedule. I have everything on my calendar so it helps to remind me of upcoming installs or removals that way nothing slips thru the cracks. I am also continuously communicating with installers to ensure they have the proper products they need for the installing of customer events. I have to often check our inventory to make sure my customer’s products are always in stock, if they are running low I need to re order. I end each day by making sure everything that I processed or have scheduled to ship is shipped so there is no delay in customers receiving their items. So keeping constant communication with the shipping department is also very important, lucky for me we have an amazing shipping department.

4) What do you love most about your job?

Can I name more than 1? The flexibility! As long as I am getting my work done and my customers are happy, my boss is very understanding and knows that life happens so the flexibility is very helpful. It is also very satisfying to receive so much positive feedback from our customers who are extremely happy with our products. I’ve even had one customer say “Why didn’t we do this sooner?” referring to Adversail flags. I love knowing that we have been able to help someone grow their business. I also love the team I work with; we are like family and we are always there to lend a helping hand at any time!

5) What’s your biggest challenge or obstacle?

Time…or lack thereof. I feel like most days there is not enough time to complete most of the things I wanted to complete. It is mostly because I prefer to be ahead than falling behind, if that makes sense ;)

6) Any crazy or interesting stories you can share?

Amber Gueiros

Non work related. I was visiting my in-laws in Brazil for the first time and I had to travel there alone because my husband had already been there for work. The airport in Sao Palo is huge and not knowing any Portuguese I was already terrified. There I was boarding a plane to what I thought was Recife. I know I was at the gate the ticket said to be at, but as we all know that can change..well it did but I did not know that (I can’t read, speak or understand Portuguese AT ALL) So the attendant glanced at my ticket (they did not scan them like they do here at DFW) and I started to board the plane, but I had a feeling I was not in the right spot. Normally I ignore my gut feeling, but thank God I listened to it this time because if not there is no telling where I would have ended up. I went back to the attendant and asked if I was in the right spot. Then he actually read my ticket shook his head no and pointed to the gate next to where I was. Needless to say I refuse to travel abroad alone anymore!

7) Tell us something not many people know about you.

Amber's pit bull

I am extremely shy, but most people know that… However, what they don’t know is when I finally start to warm up to you, it is usually hard to get me to stop talking! I’m also a crazy pit bull lady. We just had 7 pit bull puppies, so at one point we had 9 dogs.



Thanks to Amber and the Air Ad Promotions business development team for all they do in taking care of our customers!

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