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How Online and Offline Advertising Can Work Together

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Modern consumers have hundreds, if not thousands of marketing messages coming at them every day. A few they might actually look at, even fewer might be engaged with, but the majority of them will fall to the wayside. Not seen and definitely not heard. As an advertising and marketing agency that specializes in on-site, attention grabbing advertising, we are challenged to help our clients come up with the right message that grabs attention at the right time.

But discovering when that right time is, is part of the challenge of getting online and offline advertising to work together.

This is where we spend a lot of our time and where you can benefit from it – we get to know our customer’s customers. Call it research, profiling or ideal customer descriptions, but this is how customers make their journey to a purchase. And it’s the start of how online and offline advertising can work together.

Two Customer Journey’s, Same Outcome

Let’s look at two customers… we’ll call them Customer A and Customer B.

Customer A is sitting in their office and they noticed it’s 5 minutes before the lunch hour strikes. They hop onto Facebook to browse through the news of the day. As they’re scrolling, a picture of a big juicy burger comes across their feed. Perfect timing. It’s almost lunchtime and customer A is hungry.

online and offline advertising work together burger

A burger ad at this point in time for this customer makes perfect sense.

So Customer A gets into his car and starts driving down the road. Now this is a busy area – lots of competition for places to eat. By this time, the burger is at the back of Customer A’s mind because there are so many other places to eat.

As Customer A is driving down the road, a delicious looking sandwich catches their eye. But this time it’s on an Adversail™ advertising flag, right at the curb of the business.

It’s at the customer’s decision point.

So… Customer A makes a right hand turn and gets the sandwich.

What happened between the burger and the sandwich?

Instant results are what happened. The advertising flag was positioned for instant results.

The burger ad online could have been positioned for instant results, but more on that later…

Now consider Customer B.

Customer B is out shopping. As Customer B is driving down the road, headed to their next stop, they spot a giant inflatable smoothie cup on the roof of a business.

custom inflatables cup smoothie restaurant food fast food

All of a sudden, a smoothie sounds fantastic.

Customer B pulls right in to the smoothie place and gets a smoothie.

Even though these customer journey’s were completely unique and different, the results were the same – the business with the most visibility wins.

Bringing Online and Offline Advertising Together

How can these two completely different mediums come together and work in harmony? The answer goes back to the overall marketing goal.

Let’s rewind back to the burger place from Customer A’s journey.

If the goal is to get the customer to come in and buy the burger, how much more effective would it have been to have a coupon along with the burger place’s ad? So instead of the customer seeing a picture of a burger with a headline to come in and get their new juicy burger, they would instead see a picture of the same juicy burger, but with a coupon for a discount on it too.

online and offline advertising work together burger coupon

And then taking it a step further, to completely remove any friction between the customer just seeing the coupon and the customer actually redeeming it, make it clear on the coupon that they just have to show their phone when ordering and paying. No coupon to clip or print off.

Making it incredibly easy for the customer to actually use this coupon.

NOW Customer A is driving down the road with the burger place top of mind because there’s a great coupon burning a hole in their wallet.

But what happens next is where the magic happens…

Not only does this burger place do a fantastic job at advertising online, but they bring online and offline advertising together.

Customer A also sees an Adversail™ advertising flag on the curb with the same burger image and the message NEW MENU ITEM.

how offline and online advertising can work together

Lucky for Customer A, that coupon gets them a discount too.

The two mediums have been seamlessly integrated to bring online and offline advertising together.

The same goes for Customer B.

What if customer B walked into (or did the drive thru) at the smoothie place and they were greeted with a message to download the smoothie app for a discount on their next purchase.

This offline transaction actually guides the customer into an online funnel that will continue to pay off.

Both customer journey’s are realistic and completely relevant to how consumers behave.

At any given time, customers are both online and offline, shouldn’t your marketing be doing the same?

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