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Your store or location instantly becomes a landmark when you use an eye catching inflatable advertising balloon in the Dallas area. Besides being impossible to miss, balloons are a powerful way to show off your store. They get people to notice you, bring more customers through your front door and increase your profits. Inflatable advertising just works.

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More Smiles = More Sales

Get your business out of the background and increase the number of visits your current customers make to your store with an eye catching Hot Air Shaped Balloon. Did you know pleasure and happiness are one of the top motivators? Motivate people to buy with a fun grand opening balloon! They’ll put a smile on anyone’s face.

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Work around the clock for “cost effective” advertising

Repeating your message over and over again is one of the cardinal rules of advertising. By using advertising balloons at your Dallas area business, you get 24 hour exposure 7 days a week. Just try to beat the cost per impression of a giant inflatable balloon, working around the clock!

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Create excitement and draw attention to your Dallas area business

Our balloons will get you noticed because they attract attention in the neighborhood where it counts! Inflatable advertising targets a population that other ads miss completely – the thousands of people who walk, shop, and drive within 2 miles of your location.

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Create product recognition and brand awareness

Make it easy for customers to identify your special offer or promotion. The possibilities are endless with our custom banners on an advertising balloon. Your message can be straight text such as GRAND OPENING, or the most complicated digital art.

Advertising Balloon Features

Large Scale Messaging

Hot air shaped balloons are available in giant, 18 – 20 foot sizes. And by adding your logo or message, you can have your name in the sky!


Our balloons are manufactured from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and are suitable for months and even years of extended use.

Custom Colors

The balloon’s color can be a solid or designed to match your company’s colors. Any standard fabric color is no extra cost.

Custom Banner

We can reproduce your company logo, mascot, or product replica on the balloon’s banner from scratch using state-of-the art technology.

Options to Rent or Buy

We rent and sell direct to large and small businesses, charities, individuals, sports teams, event planners, you name it.

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Permits and Ordinance Requirements

Some cities have ordinances on balloons and other large scale advertising products, but we can help with that – we are familiar with city regulations and maintain a database of thousands of cities for permit requirements.

Tell us your city and we’ll do the rest!

advertising balloon installation

Set up and installation

Installing your HAB (hot air balloon) shape inflatable is best left to the professionals. Positioning a giant balloon can be tricky. We offer complete turn-key inflatable service: installation, repairs, cleaning, shipping anywhere, anytime.

Give us a call to get your message out there in a big way!

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