What does your business need to thrive day-in and day-out? Customers! And what will bring those customers into your business? High flying, attention grabbing cloudbusters!

These mega balloons give your business an extra boost of visibility and that visual punch that a business or event like yours needs. Attract attention with a display of huge balloons dotting the sky around you. No one can resist the fun that cloudbuster balloons bring!

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Get More Customers

Cloudbusters are brightly colored, durable, helium balloons that can’t help but be noticed by your most targeted audience – the ones right by YOU!

It takes a lot to grab attention these days. You have to stand out from the crowd in a big way. And if you are off of a major highway, getting customers to exit and come into your establishment is an even greater challenge. Sailing high in the sky with 100 ft. pennants, giant round balloons will draw the masses in to your location, increase your revenue and not eat up your advertising dollars!

Why Use Cloudbusters?

Visible from Miles Away

An eye catching way to draw your customers into your location. Because they’re highly visible from long distances, your customers will see your store or event even if they’re miles down the road.

Stronger and More Durable

Made with chloroprene, these balloons are a mixture of latex and neoprene. This means they are more durable, will last even longer and will not oxidize as quickly in the sun than other jumbo sized latex balloons.

Won’t Break the Bank

Because cloudbusters are designed as a temporary advertising magnet, they are a good way to stretch your advertising dollars for maximum impact.

Part of Your Grand Opening Package

Grand openings are a time to pull out all the stops for your celebration. From high above your store to the street your customers are driving on, Air Ad Promotions will get you noticed!

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Cloudbuster Features


High flying

Balloons are attached with a 100 ft. pennant so they attract attention from all around your store or event.

Top quality material

The sun is no match for these balloons. The strong material can withstand the elements.

Easy to set up

A quick burst of helium and they are ready to go.

Variety of Colors

Available in a large variety of colors to match the theme of your store or event.

Easy take-down

When your event is over, taking down the balloons is very simple. Depending on where they are tethered, they could be completely removed within a matter of minutes.

cloudbusters installation

Set up and installation

Setting up your Cloudbuster is a fairly simple process. Whether we are setting up a whole promotional campaign for you or just a few items, we can have your balloon flying high in the real estate above your store within a few hours. Leave all the setting up and installing to us, we’ll make sure you are ready for your event!

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