Designs for Every Product, Mascot or Occasion

Air Ad Promotions has created thousands of custom inflatables for a number of different events. After all, being different is the only way to get busy customers to notice you. Set your business apart from the competition and increase your foot traffic with an inflatable that just screams ‘look over here’.

Here are some ways we can bring your product to life:

  • Christmas Inflatables
  • Seasonal Inflatables
  • Product Replicas
  • Inflatable Costumes
  • Inflatable Sports items
  • Inflatable Musical Instruments
  • Sorority and Fraternity Inflatables
  • Giant Inflatable Signs
  • Giant Inflatable Characters

  • custom inflatables gas station
  • custom inflatables airplane golf tournament
  • custom inflatables fort worth restaurant inflatable shape advertising
  • custom inflatables bottle drink inflatable advertising outdoor advertising
  • custom inflatables seasonal advertising patriotic fourth of july
  • custom inflatables cup smoothie restaurant_food_fast food
  • custom inflatables gorilla driveby inflatable advertising

Product Features

Exact replica of your logo, product or mascot

All the details are captured in your custom designed balloon. Whether you have an intricate design in mind or no idea what you want, we’ll get the details right!

High U.V. resistant fabrics

Giant inflatable costumes or balloons look best with vibrant colors. While other inflatables can fade and look weathered, ours continue looking as bright as they did on day 1.


With a custom balloon its easy to convey your message without the high overhead of billboards or impression based ads. Once your balloon is set up, it will be bringing customers into your business right and left.

Durable, yet light-weight

Your custom inflatable is made to last. They are crafted with only the best materials so your brand is represented with only the most sturdy and dependable products.

Low noise blower

Loud obnoxious blowers are not very appealing to anyone, let alone your customers. We take the quietest, but most efficient blower and turn it into a powerhouse for powering your inflatable balloon.

Set up instructions with emergency repair kit

Emergencies can happen; that’s why, as part of our customized solution for your event, we make sure you know the ins and outs of your inflatable. And give you the tools necessary to repair it until we get there to service your inflatable.

permit assistance for cutom inflatables

Permits and Ordinance Requirements

Wondering if your city even allows you to have a custom inflatable? We can help you out with that! One of the ways we can help bring your idea to life is to do the legwork on what we can install and what we can’t.

Even though we are based in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, we maintain a huge database of ordinances from cities all across the country. Give us a call to check on your city.

custom inflatable installation

Set up and installation

Setting up and installing your custom inflatable balloon is not as simple as it sounds. These giant sized inflatables require an experienced professional to do the heavy lifting. No one wants a crooked, mis-shaped or flimsy balloon advertising your business. Worry-free and hassle-free set up and installation are just a phone call away.

Contact us today to supersize your logo, mascot or product!

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