Just because the sun sets doesn’t mean your event must go down too. Let the light shine on your location and attract attention for your evening promotions with an attention grabbing searchlight! Customers will be drawn to the bright light circling the sky. After all, events need to get noticed in the evening too!

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Let people know you’re open late

Attract customers from miles around with the illuminating power of a searchlight. If you’ve ever wondered where that big, bright scrolling light dancing across the night sky was coming from, then you know how effective attention grabbing searchlights are! Grand openings, theaters, sports events, retail stores and even car dealerships – they get ALL the attention by making the night sky pop.

Why Use Searchlights?

Gets noticed from miles around

Give people a lighted path to your front door with the lights that get them to look forwards, backwards and all around. Everyone will be wondering what is going on when you use giant searchlights at your location.

Perfect for both large and small events

From Grand Opening celebrations to festivals, events of any size are the perfect fit for searchlights. Don’t just advertise, create a spectacle with searchlights.

Adds glamour to your event

For years, searchlights have been known as the nighttime advertising beams from the sky, but searchlights also add that touch of “can’t miss it” glamour to an evening event. Jaw dropping and eye catching, searchlights are the perfect after-dark attention grabber.

  • searchlights be seen at night
  • searchlights bring night events to light
  • searchlights get noticed after dark

Searchlight Features

Ultra bright light

Utilizing the latest in lighting technology, they’ll illuminate the sky all around your location.

Variety of sizes

Searchlights are available in several different power wattages. Sizes range from single beam to multi-beam.

Easy to transport

Because they’re not a permanent fixture, searchlights are easy to move around.

Small space friendly

Searchlights don’t require much space so even the smallest storefront can accommodate a searchlight in front.

searchlight installation

Set up and installation

All it takes to set up and install a searchlight is one call to us! We’ll help determine the best searchlight for your event. Because they range in size and wattage, searchlights use either direct power or a generator to power the light beams. But that’s why we’re here. We’ll take care of all the details, you have an event to host!

If you want your event to be seen, a searchlight is your thing!

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