Spinner Signs

It’s impossible to forget a spinner sign. Draw massive attention with signs that are designed to point that way for customers to head into your storefront. Fun, creative and always unusual, spinner signs are an excellent way to step out from your competition.

Get Customers to ‘Look Over Here’ with Spinner Signs

Spinner signs put the fun in outdoor signage. Imagine driving down a street, businesses on both sides, but none are really standing out. Until you come up to one, nestled in a strip shopping center. They’ve got someone standing out on the curb, holding a bright, custom sign with their message on it. Drawing customers in the front door of their business.

Whether you’re in California or New York, Dallas-based Air Ad Promotions will bring the business in to your location.

Increases Sales

Capitalize on a fun marketing trend with spinner signs designed to bring customers in your front door and increase your sales. Arrow signs can be combined with an advertising balloon or even some sidewalk signs to really perk up the sales in your location.


Rain, sun, or sand is no match for a hand held sign. They’ll withstand the elements and work hard for you, whether rain or shine.

Cost effective

A hand held directional sign is one of the most cost effective add-ons to your inflatable advertising mix. Contact us for volume discounts!


What other piece of outdoor signage can you spin, dance with and move all around with?! With a custom designed message, your creativity can let loose!

Highly Visible

Show off your product release or grand opening and get people talking with signs designed to put your location front and center in your customer’s line of sight.

Long Lasting

Printed on heavy adhesive vinyl and then mounted on durable coroplast, they’ll be promoting your message for a long time. Adversail flags are another long lasting partner for your signs.

Spinner Sign Features

Available in a variety of sizes

Square, rectangle and arrow signs – your message can be printed on any shape and any size sign

State of the art printing

Digital printing ensures that your colors are as bold as ever

Double sided

High quality printing on both sides, not just one side; to ensure you get noticed

Long lasting

Use them for a free breakfast offer or simply to increase foot traffic in your store, either way, they’re built to last


Made from thick coroplast, our spinner signs are heavy duty, yet light enough to be tossed and flipped

Set up

Set up is easy since there’s no installation required! Send us your specifications and we’ll design the perfect sign for you. It’ll be shipped to your front door faster than you can say “I need more customers!”

Contact us today to ‘spin’ your way to more customers

Are you a field marketer or marketing leader looking to increase sales at your store locations?

Find out how to attract attention from the 128.3 million people driving by your store everyday.

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