The Promotional Must-Have

When planning your event, don’t forget the fun and engaging engaging tube dancer. Also called sky dancers, tube dancers are the creative touch that draws people in. In that moment, you will attract the eyeballs of everyone who crosses your line of vision, hold their attention longer and generate greater interest in your product or promotion. Maybe they grin at the clever design, maybe they wonder if there’s something going on, either way it doesn’t matter because you got their curiosity. And that is exactly how you will generate more traffic for your business. Customers will have a lasting impression of you, and will remember you, which is what will ultimately drive your sales.

tube dancer

Build your Brand in a Fun Way

There’s no denying that tube dancers are fun to look at and even more fun to take pictures of! Imagine your branded skydancer as the backdrop for everyone’s fun photos. Customers buy from brands they know and like; introduce people to your brand in a fun and memorable way.

Versatile for All Spaces

Because tube dancers have a uniquely tall, rather than round design, they are excellent for limited visibility areas such as tight storefronts and narrow event entrances.

Cost effective

Promotional inflatables are relatively inexpensive compared to non inflatable, advertising objects of the same size. Unlike TV and newspaper advertising, your message gets displayed as many times as you want, and you don’t pay per 30 second time slot!

Customize your Message

Many color possibilities and many ways of setting up your tube dancer means your ideas come to life when you have an inflatable man, dancing away at your business. We can add your logo and even a short marketing message to your tube dancer. Let us know what you want and we’ll see how we can make it happen!

Stand Out from your Competitors

There is no shortage of options when it comes to promoting products and reflecting the brand image of a business. But none is more impacting than a dancing inflatable. They are what differentiates you from your competitors.

Easy to Care For

It only takes a minute to care for your tube dancer. They wipe clean with just a simple cloth and you can store them just about anywhere.

Tube Dancer Product Features

Fade resistant

The hot sun can be brutal, sky dancer inflatables will keep their bright color even after a few days in the sun.

Won’t Rip or Tear

Made of durable rip stop nylon or coated polyester, these dancers are made to last.

Powerful blower motor

They have a single blower at the base of the tube. That blower is what creates the dancing motion of the tubes.

The 1 HP tube dancer blowers are powerful enough to create the dance of the tube dancer, yet not too overpowering.

Available in a variety of colors

Regardless of what color you are looking for, we’ve got it! Personalize your inflatable tube with your own colors or design.

tube dancer installation

Set up and installation

Setting up and installing your sky dancer is easy. Whether you want us to install them or you want to do the set up yourself, they’ll be up and attracting your customers in no time. Buy them from us, we’ll ship them directly to you, motor included. Within minutes your air dancer is installed and fully operational. They are a simple piece of attention grabbing fun!

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