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How Retailers Can Get Customers in the Door in 2018

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If you’re responsible for marketing a local, regional or national retail chain, you probably spend a good amount of time optimizing your marketing efforts. Between deciding where to spend your marketing dollars and tracking ROI, executing a marketing strategy is a tight combination of growth and effectiveness mixed together.

At Air Ad Promotions, we spend a large part of our time suggesting ways to enhance our client’s marketing efforts in the most cost effective manner possible.

We do this for a couple reasons… one, promotions that are cost effective save marketing budget dollars. And two, marketing campaigns that are enhanced with decision point marketing products see results immediately.

What are the Makings of a Successful Retail Marketing Campaign?

The success or failure of a marketing campaign can be measured in many ways, but for our clients, success rests in sales. A successful retail marketing campaign brings more traffic and more sales to the store.

As an example, we’ll look at two companies that could benefit from a marketing strategy that is all-inclusive. In other words, the marketing strategy optimizes every touch point that a customer would have with the company.


Rent-A-Center is in a perfect position to catapult to the next level. The Rent-A-Center management team is, “concentrating on a new labor model, supply chain initiative and productivity enhancements.” In this article on, they express enthusiasm as they “believe that if strategic growth endeavors are well executed it will help attain revenue growth of low-single digits in 2018 and mid-single digits in 2019.”

Rent-A-Center’s desire to drive more traffic to its stores, reduce administrative costs and improve its customer service fall right in line with the number one reason promotions that sit right at the curb work so well.

One idea Rent-A-Center could use to achieve every one of its goals is to do a mass campaign with these messages:

rent a center advertising

Drive store traffic. Reduce costs. And improve customer service.

Dress Barn

“[S]tore traffic was down mid-single digits for the quarter and we are planning for this trend to continue for the foreseeable future. We will not be satisfied until we deliver positive, sustained enterprise-level comp sales,” expressed Dress Barn CEO David Jaffe.

As Dress Barn looks to boost store traffic and sales, it is also “responding to that shift requires fundamental changes in retail operating model.” They have made significant changes toward transforming their business and must continue on this trajectory if they want to remain competitive.

Dress Barn can stay at the forefront of their customer’s minds by emphasizing their ‘Fashion at a Value’ message. It’s their original vision, what the company was founded on. Using that message in a major, on site marketing campaign would hammer that message home.

dress barn advertising

Retail in 2018 and Beyond

As retail establishments look to pivot into the e-commerce age of shopping, on site marketing becomes even more important. What was once a way to attract attention to your location now functions as an essential part of your marketing and advertising. It’s a way to remind your target market why your location is THE place to shop and why they go out to try on clothes or shop for furniture in the first place. Whether you offer ‘Take it Home Today’ or ‘Fashion at a Value,’ drivers still drive over 3 trillion miles every year and that number is not decreasing. People commute to work and they still go out to try on dresses.

Air Ad Promotions can help you optimize your marketing campaigns to both save your marketing dollars and get results immediately. Give us a call or send us an email to find out how we can help you.

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