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Rethink your Marketing this Holiday Shopping Season

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As summer winds down, holiday shopping season moves into the playing field. Before long, tv ads, social media posts and emails will be in frenzy mode for holiday marketing. While online marketing contributes to ad blindness, the right messages at the right time contribute to ad AWARENESS.

To really get the most out of the holiday selling season, your marketing strategy depends on shoppers seeing your message at the right time. With the help of these ‘right time, right place’ products, your sales will be even higher than last year.

Move Your Message Streetside

Advertising Flags

Holidays mean parties right? Get the word out that you offer catering with an eye catching flag positioned right in front of your location.

catering this holiday shopping season

Advertising Balloons

Custom banners are one of the best things about these huge advertising balloons. They can promote a sale, spread the word about a grand opening or increase your brand awareness.

rethink your marketing this holiday shopping season

People drive millions and millions of miles every year. On-site marketing like custom inflatables, flags and balloons catch them at the point when they are ready to buy. They just work. It’s the kid in us, we have to look at it!

-Marty Buckholt, Air Ad Promotions

Custom Inflatables

A giant Santa custom inflatable is the perfect compliment to your holiday marketing campaign. Why not have a giant Santa with the same message your social media team posted with a special holiday offer?!

giant holiday custom inflatable santa 7

Sidewalk Signs

The way to get attention for a special event or promotion is to use something different! A sidewalk sign puts your message on display in an unforgettable way.

sidewalk sign rethink your marketing


Getting attention from miles away is no easy task. That’s why these big guys come in handy. Attract customers and get the word out about your promotions!

cloudbusters holiday shopping season

According to the National Retail Federation, holiday retail sales during November and December last year were 4% higher than the previous year’s sales. Sales this year are expected to rise even more. A boost in retail means higher sales across the board – from fast food restaurants to service industries. Get in on your piece of the shopping pie this holiday shopping season with advertising from Air Ad Promotions.

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