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Top 4 Advertising Flag Messages for a New Store Opening

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When you’re opening a new store or new location, just getting the interior of the store ready for business is an all-consuming task. And while the interior is a critical component of a good first impression, the exterior is what customers notice first.

It’s your brand’s first opportunity to really grab attention and get customers to make a right hand turn into your parking lot.

And one of the most powerful ways to do that is with advertising flags.

Advertising flags are some of the most customizable, most noticeable and most effective advertising pieces in your hip pocket. Whatever message you want to convey, can be put on an advertising flag. Companies love these ‘call-to-action pieces’ since ROI can be immediately measured.

But with so many design options and customizations available, it’s hard to choose which ones to use to promote your new store opening. Fortunately, we have some popular options that work like magic in catching attention and bringing more customers into your location.

Here are the top 4 messages for advertising flags:

1. Grand Opening

grand opening flag

This is probably no surprise as Grand Opening seems like something that would go hand in hand with a new store opening. But there is also some science behind the words ‘Grand Opening’ too. Just this year, Grand Opening has been the message of choice on 150 flags made by Air Ad Promotions. Considering that it’s nearly impossible to duplicate the buzz that a ‘Grand’ event brings with it – positioning several Grand Opening flags outside your location is not a bad idea.

2. Now Open

now open flag

Now Open takes the guesswork out of what you have going on at your new store. With a Now Open flag by the street, potential customers will have no doubts that your store is open for business. The phrase, Now Open, is filled with immediacy, capturing customers in the moment it matters most. A staggering 429 flags have had the Now Open phrase on them this year alone.

3. Specials / Promotions

promotional advertising flags

Grand openings usually come with some fanfare right? Maybe some special offers or promotions?

This is a great opportunity to promote this special occasion on an advertising flag. In fact, going a step beyond the actual promotion, this strategy also sets your brand up for success in your community. This article featured on Entrepreneur, points out 4 ways that businesses of all sizes can make community involvement a vital part of their marketing plan. “Once you’ve implemented your volunteer strategy, let current and prospective customers know what you’re doing by including this information on your website.” Because giving back to the community means letting the community know what you’ve been up to.

4. Logo flags

logo flag

Logo flags are simply flags with your company logo on them. A row of flags with your company logo is an eye catching way to introduce your brand by making a profound statement. A company’s logo is as iconic as its first foray into business, as that first idea or first deal that solidified the new venture. There are even businesses that can give you all kinds of suggestions on colors, fonts, symbols, slogans and feelings about logos.

Logo flags have been regarded as a way to market and promote your brand – with 5,892 logo flags designed, produced and sold already this year by Air Ad Promotions, it seems that this statement is right on the mark.


With the tens of thousands of flag design possibilities, the ones that make the most sense are the ones that target your audience in the right way. Every call to action pushes for your promotion to be ACTED on. Because ultimately, customers may not even be aware of your special offer or promotion until they see it advertised right at street level at your store.

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