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How to Turn Any Business into a Back to School Destination

Advertising Campaigns

Summer sales and promotions are at their peak, for the consumer that means more discounts and deals and more summer shopping. But for marketing departments that means one thing is fast approaching… back to school.

Back to school promotions are great for shoppers as they look for deals on the things they need and want; for marketers or anyone marketing for a retail location, it’s a goldmine of opportunity to advertise everything from laptops to pencils. But the opportunity doesn’t stop with retail marketers, even if you don’t work in the retail industry, this time of year presents a host of opportunities for marketing campaigns that tie in with this once a year event.

“Your after school snack destination”
“Mani/pedis for back to school”
“Free coffee for teachers”
“Free coffee between 6-8 am”
“Free Delivery During the Month of August”
“Donate a School Supply, Get a Free ______”
“Gym Membership Specials”
“Get Your Supplies Here”

And the list doesn’t end there, here are a few more ideas in action to piggyback on with back to school marketing and promotions.

Free Kids Haircut with an Adult Haircut

back to school advertising balloons message

Back to school is a great time for a fresh new haircut, even for parents! And when the word FREE is involved, everyone wants to join in. While the balloon alone is enough to boost your visibility, the banner message draws customer inside.

A giant advertising balloon ranges in size from 20’ – 23’ in height and can be customized to match your brand. Find out more about these giant ad balloons here.

Discount on massages

back to school promotions

A true tie in with back to school wouldn’t be complete without offering massages.

Targeting parents who’ve spent the summer entertaining kids, discounted massages speaks right to them and will catch their attention. Blast this message on a bold, brightly colored Adversail™ flag and watch customers beeline into your location.

Adversail™ flags range from 10’ – 15’ and feature durable polyester material and a sturdy steel pole that will last, promotion after promotion. Check out more info on Adversail™ flags.

Take 20% Off Your Purchase This Week Only

sidewalk sign back to school specials

Nothing says Back to School campaign like a 20% off deal. But what if your location isn’t one that would be frequented by back to school shoppers? That’s why you put an offer out that is too good to pass up.

Position a sidewalk sign right at your entrance and watch the customers walk in to shop.

Kids Eat Free with an Adult Entree

back to school promotions advertising balloons

Back to school is a costly time of year, so anytime your business can offer something for free, it’ll be well received. Boost your ROI and get even more traffic by promoting it with an advertising balloon. A branded advertising balloon with custom banner attracts all the attention and gets customers to make a right hand turn into your location.

They can’t miss it!

Boost your Sales with Back to School

Any business, regardless of industry, can piggyback on back to school promotions. The beauty of this time of year is that shoppers are out and about getting the things they need. They are going to clothing stores and to get school supplies –

Attract their attention with customized flags, sidewalk signs and advertising balloons with an offer that’s too good to pass up!


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