versawall barrier design

The Solution for Pandemic Restaurant Seating

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Additional Protection for Your Interior Dining Areas

Versa-Wall provides cost effective barriers between tables, expanding the limited space you have by separating customers in a safe way. It's the patent-pending, one-of-a-kind answer to enforcing social distancing while safely serving customers.


What is Versa-Wall?

Versa-Wall is a barrier made out of heavy duty corrugated plastic and plastic connectors. The patent pending design stands 4' tall to create a safe divider between guests. So your customers get the protection from other guests, while you get extra marketing space.

VersaWall barrier for walkway
VersaWall divider
VersaWall banquette barrier
VersaWall interior


VersaWall Waiting Line Topper

Why Use Versa-Wall in Your Restaurant?

  • Cleanable - Versa-Wall is made of corrugated plastic so it satisfies cleaning regime - simply spray and wipe
  • Easy to set up - sections also come with simple connectors so they can be set up in minutes
  • Works anywhere - materials available for booths, tables and ordering lines to encourage social distancing
  • Versatile - easily maneuverable and configures to fit any size spaces
  • Additional marketing space - up to 50 sq. ft. of additional imaging space to promote your messages
  • Encourages social distancing - provides solid barriers to separate customers
  • Divides seating - accommodate customers with minimal effects on restaurant seating
  • Low cost solution to adding additional safe dining space

Versa-Wall Pricing

VersaWall aisle barrier

VersaWall barriers are customized with your brand's universal message and logo on them. They are sold in sets of 4 and include all connectors.

Quantity prices starting at $399 (plus shipping and handling) for a set of 4 basic wall design with headers.