When it comes to installing and actually using outdoor promotional products, inflatable outdoor advertising is regulated by the individual city where your event, store or business is located. That’s enough to tell you that it’s not always so cut and dry. Policies for using inflatables often fall under the city’s sign ordinance. And unfortunately, the policies sometimes have confusing wording or were put in place many years ago. Some cities are complaint driven, which means any ordinance would only be enforced if there was a complaint. Our extensive database covers both general and specific information about your local municipality.

So before you do any big event planning, you need to find out just what your city will allow and what it won’t.

Leave it to the experts – at Air Ad Promotions, we keep a massive database of city ordinances for cities all across the country. We’ve been pulling permits from cities across the country for over 2 decades.

We take out the headache of permits, zoning, ordinances, and vague wording.

Give us a call so we can get your event designed, promoted and executed!


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