Our Team

Air Ad Promotions may be our name but there are many talented faces behind that name. They are the ones who serve our customers each and every day.

Marty Buckholt drives the business. He founded Air Ad Promotions over 25 years ago and brings a wealth of knowledge about the advertising and promotions industry. He uses that expertise to help the business stay one step ahead in the world of advertising.

“Who am I, in a nutshell? I’m the guy that makes sure Air Ad Promotions is not only focused on getting you noticed, but on the cutting edge of what works in outdoor promotions and what doesn’t. I make sure we are taking care of you 100%.”

-Marty Buckholt

Shipping and Logistics

Brett Hawkins – 10 years with Air-Ad

Brett and his team are responsible for thousands of on-time inbound and outbound shipments. He keeps the Air Ad ship sailing right into your business without missing a beat. Brett, who is certified as a yellow belt ISO-9001, is our industry cost analysis guru – if there is a better, faster, cheaper way of saving you money on your item, he finds it.

Warehouse and Distribution

Jerry DePauw – 22 years with Air Ad

Jerry and his team are the driving force behind the maintenance and support of the equipment for your event. Managing a distributed network of warehouse space around the country is no easy task. Jerry and his team do it while also keeping up with inventory, cleaning & maintenance of rental equipment and managing client owned equipment.


Mario Campos – 22 years with Air Ad

Mario and his team are super stars when it comes to installations. With his attention to quality and delivery of service, there is no better person to lead our nationwide team of installers. Mario’s team is strategically located across the country. have initiated industry leading techniques that reduce service interruption and the costs associated with related repairs.

They are true ‘road warriors’, hitting all 50 states every year, travelling to job sites across the country to ensure the same level of quality and service in each and every location.

Art and Media Production

Ruben Esquivel – 7 years with Air Ad (12 years of design experience)

Ruben is the creative genius of the group. If you’ve ever wondered how your logo seems to flawlessly appear on your product, then man and the team to thank would be Ruben and his designers. He leads a creative team of four design artists that design all of our client materials. From taking an image and making it work on an Adversail to creating a custom balloon according to your specs.

A can’t miss product starts with a great design. No one does it better than Air Ad Promotions.


Amber Gueiros – 5 years with Air Ad

Amber leads the team that does business development at Air Ad. You might say they are the ones who makes sure your project is planned and executed, on time, every time. Besides coordinating with the sales team, she wears many hats as she works alongside several different departments internally and also works externally with clients. Amber and her team are movers and a shakers, while always keeping the clients best interest at heart.

Account Management / Customer Service

Kelly Hensley – 16 years with Air Ad

Kelly and her team are the account managers at Air Ad. They manage everything from city ordinance databases to our 24-hour emergency hotline. When they’re not busy with that, they are working with customers, managing invoices and fulfilling orders. If there’s a way we can serve you better, Kelly will find it! They create happy customers!

Office Management

Michele Smiser – 5 years with Air Ad

Michele and her staff make sure the office runs without a hitch. It is because of them that our back office operations run as smoothly and efficiently as they do. They make sure bills get paid and invoices are sent out and that we are maximizing our efficiency with our office systems.


Air-Ad is an equal opportunity employer. We are always looking for quality talent in multiple fields including installation and print production. It’s been our vision from the start to add dedicated people to our team, from a variety of fields. Contact us if you’d be interested in partnering together!

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