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You’ve Built a Customer Email List, Now What Do You Send Them?

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You’ve done all the hard work of collecting potential customer emails and built up a strong customer email list. So what exactly do you do with this list now?

It would not be a very good return on your investment to just send out any old content or information – this could lead to unhappy and unsubscribing readers. People will be more likely to unsubscribe from your list if it seems like you are filling their inbox with useless content. They should also be given a reason to act on your newsletters. Give them a reason to pass on their opinions to make them feel like valued customers, or provide them with a reason to click the links to your site or social media. In a nutshell, you should be keeping them engaged, entertained, and informed.

In this article we’ve compiled the best types of content to include in order to keep your customer email list interested and engaged.

Case Studies

If others in your company have recently had a really successful period or been presented with an award, you should spread the great news in your newsletter. Customers will love to hear and it will also cement their trust and loyalty with your business. Also, let them know exactly why it was a success. If customers know how your business works and what produces a great campaign, they can tailor these ideas and concepts to their own experiences with your company.

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It might seem obvious, but it’s surprising how many companies forget to include images in their mail outs. No one enjoys reading a long block of text, no matter how funny or interesting it may be. Break it up with photos, graphs or charts. If you do opt for photos, don’t just settle for the first boring stock photo that comes up in a Google search. Try and find ones that apply to your line of work – even take them yourself if you have to!

Call to actions

Not only are newsletters great platforms for sharing information, but they are also a good way to engage with your customers and get them involved. Why not offer them an exclusive discount code to use, or tell them about an upcoming event they should sign up for. Whatever it is, you should always try and give your readers a reason to get involved with your company.

Words from the founder, CEO, Partners etc

If you publish a letter or even just a short paragraph from one of your company’s heads, it will add a personal touch to the newsletter. The more human your company appears, the more likely customers will return.

Links to your website and all social media

Give your readers the chance to like or follow you on your social media platforms. You could be in for a surprise how greatly this will increase your social network action – just think; each email could mean a new like, retweet, or follower!

News from your industry

It’s a good idea to give your readers a quick round-up of all the latest from your company’s industry. If major events have occurred or a major milestone has been reached, your customers could be affected. Let them know trends and current news stories – this could have a positive event of how they view your business.


If you often hear the same questions over and over again from your customers, why not answer them just the once in your mail outs. This is an especially good idea if you are about to roll out a new product or service; it’ll explain the new addition thoroughly, so you won’t have to repeat yourself to everyone again and again.

A Special ‘Subscriber-Only’ Offer

Make them feel like they are ‘on the inside’ with a killer offer. You’d be surprised at how well a 15 or 20% off offer works. And here’s a little secret: its not as hard as you think to create a really impactful message. For example, take an image of your company’s products or services… use a photo editor like PicMonkey to add the text of your 20% offer directly onto the image. You have a special offer AND you also have an image you can use on social media!


The content that is sent out in your emails is more important than you might have considered. This handy list of ideas will have hopefully given you plenty of food for thought when it comes to creating a great mail-out for your company!

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